So You Dream the Future, eh?

So You Dream the Future, eh?2017-08-05T20:39:25+00:00

No, you aren’t crazy for your precognition…People really do see the future in their dreams! The NDC has a community of precognitive dreamers, and we’ll show you how to participate for free!

square_woman holding templesDo people ridicule you for dreaming about the future? Have you become very quiet about your ‘gift,’ or do you now consider it to be a curse?

Here at the NDC, you now have an outlet to discuss your wild and crazy dreams! You now have a place where no one taunts you for seeing the future, nor for hypothesizing or trying to predict what’s coming next.

Dreams that accurately foretell the future are called “Precognitive Dreams.” While numerous other sites are still trying to establish that precognition is scientifically real, the NDC starts with the premise that it IS a natural phenomenon inherent in the human family. With that understanding, we are working on taking this gift to the next level….

square_man on mtnWhat good can come out of precognition if we can’t do anything with it? Is this gift present only so we can look back and feel guilty that we couldn’t stop the massacre or the murder or the next big false flag event? Forget about trying to prove that precognition exists and let’s begin figuring out how this stuff can be useful in the real world!

Come join us in this fascinating journey, where all dreams matter, not just a select few. In C.G. Jung’s work, every dream was hypothesized as having at least some timeless aspect to it, including fragments of the future. His “Collective Unconscious,” comes through in each and every dream, as the collective ‘remembers’ what has happened in that timeless space.

square_dream visionSteps for New Visitors:

1. In order to participate in the NDC’s dream discussions, you’ll need to have started a free and anonymous account: Click here to register.

2. Next, you need to know how to input a dream and what types of dreams we need. The input process is simple: a) Sign in, b) Go to Public Dreams, and c) Press “Post Thread,” or simply press this link.

Which dreams should you post? Each and every dream should be included: The vivid, the bizarre, the horrific, and even the mundane are all important. Each of these types of dreams hold hints about what humanity is creating.

3. Explore the rest of the site, including the mysterious and fascinating DreamBotâ„¢ Runs, which have been known to greatly enhance our collective precognition.

4. Finally, let us know what we can do better! Contact Us.