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1/3/19 Perception and Judgments (and new initiations)
How to CIRF Today’s Influences: Here are the energies in a nutshell….Friday the 4th will have Perception and Judgment problems as we all dive into psychic awareness, intuition, and insight. Use this energy to prepare yourself for the Solar Eclipse happening the next day, Saturday 5th. Saturday night the Moon passes in front of the Sun with a conjunction to Saturn in Tropical Capricorn. The New YOU is then starting on the 6th, since you’ll be a good CIRFer and establish strong bold goals and objectives for the Solar Eclipse. It is strongly advised to watch the full CIRF video, as I had to skimp on the written summary for time, AND because this energy coming to you this weekend is amazing! Don’t waste this opportunity!

What is a CIRF Report?
Weekday CIRF Reports:

Trending in the Collective Dreams (See chart below for visual representation):  shelf seemingly calendar six 2019 appearance dogs dream university fine style cinema okay bill cat slight automatically spot colleague melissa game there bike glasses start com thursday tells wont extremely 

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How to read DreamBot runs:
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Melissa coming back in the run after being there for multiple days and then not being in the run can mean a few things.
1- it is showing a new connection to the word Melissa, a different event perhaps.
2.- it is emphasizing the word to show the importance, it shouldn't be overlooked. We should pay attention to it and not forget it.

When I see shelf I first think of earthquake. I have seen quakes happen after shelf is listed in the dreamt run.
Thanks given by: Eagle1

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