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12/12/14 (PM) Major Red Alert: Jim Apocalypse Fireworks & Aliens
I'm basically re-doing the bot run from earlier today because there were major issues identified in the DreamBot. I don't find this accidental, but I do want to clarify that the problem we had today did not seem to be at all man-made. There was something extraordinary happening that if someone wanted to create this bot problem, of the sort we had this morning, I'm not really sure if that would be feasible for some human to create. We basically had half a run, as you can clearly see in this morning's run.

And even though there was only half a run, we had two huge word memes popping up to warrant a Red Alert. However, one of those words was clearly Christmas-based "day residue," meaning that people were simply dreaming about what they are infatuated with currently, which apparently was chopping down an evergreen tree, shaking it off, and bringing it home (that was this morning's run).

Brief synopsis of today: Running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. I was looking for solutions to our dreambot problem, and couldn't find one. Kept trying to re-run it in hopes of it fixing itself. Not until 40 minutes ago, when I pressed "run," it ran with ZERO issues! And if someone wanted to prevent a run from happening, I'd say that today was the day. Not only was our dream data spot on for the mega drop in the market today (, but the Red Alert is no longer "day residue" based, but rather something now very alarming.

Notice how that every ounce of day residue of Christmas tree shopping has withered and disappeared in this new run tonight. In it's place: 5 words worthy of the old DreamBot standard for Red Alert, and the top one is a very common name...Jim. So, we have Jim Fireworks Apocalypse Chain Blow...all of those worthy of Red Alert status. If we want to go by our new standard, we're looking at "only" three big words: Jim Fireworks Apocalypse.

Okay, so the rest of the run is very interesting. The first few words seem like a correct combination, especially combining Fireworks, Apocalypse, Blow, and Stars. But now look lower on the list...the rest of the words are all Caution-level words, including Shaking, Visible, Aliens, Advice, SKY!! Holy cow. We've got ourselves a sky fest going on here now!


ACTION: We need maximum support from all dreamers on this. I want a non-P3 mission created inside the Dreams, Memes, Headlines forum establishing an official mission using the next mission number from P1 (for ease of inputting the dream into the DreamBase). ALL dreamers are encouraged to participate in the incubation for this new Red Alert. Basically, you'll choose to incubate about a certain word or phrase and how that relates to a future headline (call it the rest of December 2014 for the timeline). Dreamers will put your dreams into the 2.0 DreamBase and then discuss your dream inside the mission thread, TBD (I'll provide links later). In the 2.0 DreamBase, you'll right up your dream and the mission will be coincident with the TBD mission name (Should be completed before tomorrow morning, so check back here before you submit your dream tomorrow. If you're new here and would like to participate but it looks too confusing, then just ask a question here or send me an email: NationalDreamCenter (at) gmail (dot) com.

New dreamers welcome! Please proceed to for more information on how you can participate.

For DreamForecasters, Please note that Edna (who dreamt about ebola before it showed up) has the last dream input into the dreambase at the time of this writing, and the content is???    ALIENS.

TIMING: Typically these non-name or non-location smoking memes take place within hours, but since a Name is at the top of the list, I'm thinking we have some time to play with all of this. Our average for big name memes is about 21 days, so I'd like the incubations to be relevant to the rest of December (i.e., that's why I chose December to begin with, plus, the fact that December has increased in every run so far).


How about something funny in this most recent run: "(Uncle) Sam Cutting (pork spending)"  Ah HAAA HA! You bet they aren't!

Something else of interest....the only word here that isn't at their all-time high is Professional. That's significant because it means all the others ARE at their all-time high. That is rare. Bottom line: Collective is SURGING on Jim, Fireworks, Apocalypse and the whole SKY meme. Dare I say that this almost sounds a bit like Sky Flash again, except this time, Aliens are definitely in the picture here.

As far as eliminating Day Residue for the Jim character, I suppose this could be about LaBron James' gaffe when he gave Kate Middleton a half-hug (Buckingham Palace says no foul):

Oh, almost forgot 208 words increased today while the dreambot was broken. That's very significant based on my comments from this morning's run.

Lastly, while you're here, will you please help us with this year's top 10 countdown? I know it's tough picking the top one, but just go with your first impression. That forum is here:
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The word Apocalypse produces a double meaning. It could be a grand revealing, where the veil finally comes off. The drastic drop in oil prices recently seems to support this. Perhaps oil is cratering because the big money knows that new energy is imminent.

Then, of course, Apocalypse could also mean disaster, and we had some unfortunate linguistics earlier this month that definitely support this option. For example, "Regular Journey Halloween Currently December"

But what if the answer is both? Do we need the latter (catastrophe) to make room for the new? What is the collective seeing? Please help us incubate details in your dreams. Project August helped us learn that people can ask to see the future. Ask and ye shall receive.
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IMPORTANT: The mission thread has been established. Please proceed to the following link for instructions on how you can help us (it's 100% free):
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Thanks for the quick explanation for "day residue". I was about ready to ask what that meant.

As for incubating, I'll give it a go tonight. Getting ready to head off to bed now, anyway.
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Some suggestions on the word Jim: Jim Cramer from CNBC, apocalypse= markets disintegrating; Jim Crowe from the civil rights and human rights era of the Civil War; Jim is diminutive for James; Jim Murphy elected as Scottish Labour leader - as it happened;
In Christianity, the Epistle of James usually referred to simply as James, is a letter (epistle) in the New Testament....

Taking your run in order of (surge) ranking: jim, fireworks, apocalypse, chain, blow, represent, stars, sam...
Taking the run in order of % ranking: jim, fireworks, represent, blow, chain, stars, sam...

Other word associations... jim or could it be jit (just in time), chain (as in supply chain), blow (to the economy), people seeing (stars) to their situation,

Just some early morning what if's....

BINGO: Stunning Interview with (JIM) Marrs Comparing the False Flag Events of Pearl Harbor, JFK Assassination & Dead Bankers...
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Jim marrs disclose aliens.

Fireworks going off would be appropriate
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From dec 3
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Well, we now have Jim + Fireworks. Does this mean the apocalypse is right around the corner?
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