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12/2/19 Shred Your Beliefs about Martial Law
Trending in the Collective Dreams (See chart below for visual representation):  dangerous break within belief shred bill kinda universe technique code police anymore mild mean roof found dogs pulling thanks hammer soup mirror intense force ajax club did switch categories metal

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How to read DreamBot runs:
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hammer soup

Another phrase that has shown up multiple times(It was in yesterday's run, too). Hammer soup? WTH does that even mean? Huh
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I Googled it. Not sure why, but it’s a kids book about an unlikely friendship. Don’t ask me what it means - I got nuttin’.
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Very interesting. that Amazon link says ""hammer soup"" makes for an enchanting, vividly drawn tale of unexpected friendship and the joy of sharing"....that statement almost sounds like a great summary of tomorrow's bot run:
Thanks given by: Goldengirl
I think it's Impeachment Stew.
Thanks given by: Eagle1 , twiceblessed9
dangerous break,shred, hammer, intense force, categories
I'd say a big earthquake is headed ...somewhere soon.
Thanks given by: Eagle1
#7 may be right, TB9.
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Maybe not an earthquake but a volcano eruption?
Thanks given by: twiceblessed9
Yes, it might have been the volcano. What a sad story.
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