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4/24/17 Sun Dragon Hits the Asian Processes
Trending: wind flash clouds stayed sun dragon cold shape hit asian process numbers brought cloud park shred says sword fish passed knight whole animal air nights ground where kind reason secret
Waning: focus train door meaning three concrete heart bathroom god kitchen fighting hotel party river death hard wearing engine wed yesterday

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Thanks given by: heavendreamer
Again, a very dark run.
wind flash clouds stayed
A hurricane or Tropical storm hovers over a land mass for awhile before leaving. When adding sun dragon it feels nuclear for some reason.
Could be a Christian or Nicola Sturgeon (UK) or someone else with a fish name.
concrete heart
Someone who has a cold stone heart.
Thanks given by: heavendreamer , Goldengirl
Twice, I thought nuclear right off the bat. Think the movie of the test bombs. Wind flash is the explosion, and clouds stayed is the fallout, the nuclear winter.
Thanks given by: heavendreamer
I added in the sun dragon, but also read it as something nuclear. Possibly Asian, maybe Japan. Could Fukushima go nuclear?
Thanks given by: Goldengirl

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