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4/26/17 A near carbon-copy of yesterday's run
Trending: glasses carriage obj response sudden horses hit clouds vision giants wind wed mon result lord dead passed 2017 shape ground word read cloud mean given possibly history last tab coming
Waning: front talking even off around kind time than look friend girl says now lucid message way back view class sat

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

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Eagle - how often has this happened, or has it happened before that it's a near carbon copy?
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Was wondering the same thing.
Thanks given by: heavendreamer
Well, that is sooooo odd!
I wonder what this means for the run and how we should be looking at it?

Ok, 2 days with glasses being the top word.
So. What is not being seeing clearly and needs to be corrected to improve clear vision?  

OK!  Wow!  Just found this.
I have been thinking that the last 2 runs have been about N. Korea, but could not really find the connection.  Until possibly now.
What is the national animal symbol of N. Korea?  The Chollima which is a winged horse.

"The Chollima is an important symbol in North Korea. It is the nickname of the North Korean national football team. It gave its name to the Chollima Movement, which promoted fast economic development, similar to that of the Chinese Great Leap Forward and the Soviet Stakhanovite movement. After the Korean War, the country required rebuilding to function again. In order to expedite the construction, President Kim Il-sung devised the slogan "rush as the speed of Chollima".

Several statues are found of this creature in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. The Chollima Statue symbolizes "heroism, the constant, fighting spirit of the Korean people, and the innovations and advance so quickly, at the speed of the Chollima". A notable one can be found on Mansu Hill, and was finished on April 15, 1961. It stands roughly 46 meters high and 16 meters long, measured from the pavement to the top of the Red Letter of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea representing the working class."

So , my guess is that things are not clearly being seen regarding the current circumstance of N. Korea. This seems to lead to a "history last tab coming"  or perhaps a final important part of history for this particular period of time.

response sudden horses hit clouds vision giants wind
This seems to fit as well.
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glasses carriage obj response sudden horses hit clouds vision giants wind

A Kentucky derby horse will race today with only one eye. This is THE horse race, he is racing with the giants and is a crowd favorite.
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