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6/8/15 Princess
Trending: princess extended epic knowing math date adventure frog haunted nervous ear inner suck likely every taylor hits win grew fix singing stories lucidity three knows unfamiliar had noise let husband breath responses closer need class lifted story input would until
Waning: yellow clearly goes chaos worked opened rain garage shoes quickly hours tonight circle doll pocket movie yet book bathroom jumping giant truck important tall closet teeth structured animal snow sea showing virus dictionary mountain ice

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
I know, I know. This is very late. Just so everyone knows, the actual bot run did take place at the same bat time as every other day; however, because I unknowingly pressed snooze this morning, it left me no time to assemble the pieces into my normal presentation. So, while this is published super late, just know that the content itself is based on timely data.

And because I know everyone is wondering why I couldn’t just assemble the pieces and post it during one of the lecture periods, I have literally been experiencing dream therapy and hypnosis sessions all day. I’ve done dream yoga, dream meditations, several hypnosis sessions, gestalt dream group therapy, and more. If you haven’t heard of Nick Atlas’ Dream Yoga method, it’s awesome, but does take training. Basically, we’re trying to stay fully conscious as we drift off the sleep. I know, I know....tough day for me, right?

As for the run itself, PRINCESS is a new trend, but keep in mind we’re in a lull, as you can tell by the various surge scores.  Doing a casual scan down through our words, I see so many appropriate linguistics. Unfortunately, I’m out of time to discuss it.

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

Thanks given by: Nanny
LOL-I said you were probably taking a nap...and you sorta were.  Big Grin

Re: Princess: Official portraits of Prince George and Princess Charlotte were released over the weekend. Much "awwww"-ing ensued by Anglophiles everywhere.
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HEY! Look who the cat dragged in?
Welcome Back! It sounds like you had an excellent day! Big Grin

snow sea showing virus dictionary mountain ice

Sounds like were are talking about glaciers. If we include the word virus, this might be something that may happen in the near future. The article is from a year ago but is something to think about. Not sure about dictionary.
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Sounds almost certain that "taylor" this time is the Swift girl with "taylor hits win grew fix singing stories." What is the next music awards event? Sounds as if she's a sure "win."

"Haunted frog nervous inner ear?" So somebody's dizzy and a haunted frog is involved? LOL metaphors, synonyms, Okay okay.

Eagle1 said, "Basically, we’re trying to stay fully conscious as we drift off the sleep. I know, I know....tough day for me, right?" This should be done in churches, too! this is the true, desired end-result of proper meditation. Wow, diggin it. I slept this way only one time that I was aware of, All night, early in a pregnancy and thinking every hour that I was going to feel dead-tired at the next day's seminar. Nope! Felt fantastic! it was true sleep/rest.

Very glad you are having such a wonderful experience at this buffet of ideas and that this is why the bot run is late.
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Great find, Windy! Speaking of Princesses, I'll be reuniting with mine tomorrow Smile
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