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7/14/17 Red Police Arrived Shocked
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WOW!  Anybody else seeing what I am seeing in this run??
hollow atm cyber toy entire hack, and conference dollar floor later
This sounds like a major financial crisis in the banking industry.
Police hollow atm might have to do with day residue.  I posted yesterday about a contractor who was locked in an atm area until recused by police  He alerted customers he was trapped by slipping notes through the ATM slot.
I do think however that something else will be happening with banks.
days shocked tape arrived red
Red tape appears to be involved with something which will shock us.
Rich remain
Will those who are currently remain wealthy through whatever money crisis that might occur?

I think this run is an important one!  Keep an eye on it.
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Thanks Twice! I read your hollow ATM cyber toy entire hack and think a cyber attack. Hollow could be because the ATMs are empty, figuratively or literally.
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A different ATM story, this time it was filmed (tape)too.
A construction digger was used to steal an atm in England.
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