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Airplane Bombing
I was in a car driving down a freeway in Los Angeles called the 405. The freeway is also named the San Diego Freeway. It is very late afternoon, nearing dusk and the weather is a bit overcast. I was with others and sitting on the back of the car. I glanced out of the window on the left and saw a large bomb from a plane being dropped on an airfield. While it exploded and smoke and flames lit up the sky, a huge plane shot up a from the ground where the bomb was dropped and traveled up a hundred or so feet before falling back to earth. It was surrounded by a few jet fighters and two Shamu killer whale painted passenger jets doing similar actions.. It was as if they were on a trampoline and when the bomb dropped on them they "bounced" up from the impact. The large plane in the center reminded me a bit of what the space shuttle looks like when blasting off for space. The other planes also shot up horizontally before falling back to the ground.
I asked my travel mates if anyone else had seen the bombing but nobody had.
In the next part of the dream, I am in a modern military office high rise building within eye site of the airfield which was bombed, perhaps 6 or 7 miles away. The building has a a lot of glass, windows and doors. I think I am a guest there and am in a room watching the news about the bombing. The footage they have is from the same angle I saw the bombing take place. It is announced we need to take cover because a new bombing run is about to take place. We hunker down and wait but we don't hear anything. I am not with my travel companions anymore and am instead with a couple young military men.
When I wake up, a real life raven is cawing out side my window.

Thoughts. I am making the connection that I was traveling on the 405 which is called the san Diego Freeway, and Sea World in also in San Diego. The portion of the freeway I was traveling on is located in the valley area of Los Angeles. I felt this was an act of terror or war but it was on a small scale, not large scale.
I believe raven is a word in our run that has been linked with knight many times. Southwest Airlines used to have aircraft painted like Shamu. Killer whales are also known as orcas.
Thanks given by: Julie

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