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Airplane Incident Alert!!
Too many days with the word airplane bouncing around from trending to waning back to trending again.

10-27-16-Trending: wed contract action station space gate hello bruce awareness universe plane batman stomach yelled dick shocked clothes terror snakes passed thru hotel quiet low straight lord alive move hill personal

Perhaps the plane incident is related to the space station. awareness universe plane seems to be saying this plane issue is bigger and effects more than you would think.

10-28-16-Trending: 2016 wed baby fri received fair kinda hours last needs plane should passed cross long world empty neck padding dream pink unfortunately filled beside wear touch finding dick telling feeling

A long plane flight across the globe, last may signify a last flight.

10-29-16- Trending: context days inner glimpse setting horse power kind situation teeth received fascinating airplane hill action regular cat view garden war shop stuff form harry perhaps fri planet sad remember people

Plane has a horse power issue.  "teeth situation" is often used for a disaster.  Hill action may or may not be where the plane ends up. the planet is sad and remembers those who have died.

10-30-16-Waning: awesome similar table teacher field truck day party dreamed child already voice teeth view fish airplane energy power wed days

An energy/power causing a plane to fall into the water.

10-31-16-  Trending: monkey bird sun airplane hallway dolphin planetary visit youth hope physical voice kind stare energy fear when dreams community context kinda harry mon waiting power saw gate feeling action moons

bird sun reminds me of Phoenix. Airplane hallway could be the aisle.  Dolphin planetary, water/ ocean conncetion.

11-1-16-  Trending: november japanese police mon lead broke up distance states exit lying alive staircase fear snow path airplane finally bike tab energy mountain youth food onto deck around years realistic monkey

Snow may cause a problem for a plane. Exiting down the stairs might be scary.

Thoughts:  6 days of airplane references tells me to pay attention. I would expect to see an issue with a plane very soon.  The issue could be loss of power.  Snow, water or hills might be related the incident. The issue will be felt globally.  It may also be space station related, like a space station supply run.  I would expect it soon, within a few weeks, perhaps with a week.
Thanks given by: ThePaladin , Cassandra , Sherriann , Goldengirl , Eagle1
well my recent dream had specific numbers in it, 95% and 98%.... which if there are high winds, and other things going on.
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Plane carrying Brazilian soccer players crashed in Colombia.


Hope the link works. I entered it manually.
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Ok, a lot seems to fit here.
universe plane  (and) from low straight lord alive move hill personal
plane should passed cross long world- plane crossed international boarders
situation teeth received fascinating airplane hill action -crashed into a hill. " Teeth" tends to indicate disasters.
voice teeth view fish airplane energy power wed days - reports suggest an electrical failure or that the plane ran out of gas.  Both fit.
exit lying alive staircase fear snow path airplane-people were found alive

This prediction has happened.

The plane went down after crossing international borders.  It crashed in to a hill. Rain has been frequent in the area causing rescue delays. There were survivors.
Thanks given by: Cassandra , ThePaladin
Yep, a #Cametrue.
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A Russian plane has gone down. On my phone right now, will get link when I get home.
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(12-25-2016, 08:47 PM)ThePaladin Wrote: A Russian plane has gone down. On my phone right now, will get link when I get home.

Here we go:

Quote:A Russian military plane carrying members of the army's official choir traveling to perform in Syria has crashed in the Black Sea near Sochi. There are apparently no survivors, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

Probably doesn't meet the parameters of the lingo but wanted it noted anyway.
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I just had a dream that could be a plane or chopper crash... so i don't believe this meme is over yet.
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