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CameTrue 9/9/17 Fuel Tank Competition
Trending: fuel tank straw competition sat juice spoiler log nightmare crazy guide day meditation lucid actions surface drinking updated drink glass sight saturday floating plastic below throughout took ancient ajax common
Waning: years field following sun closed driving today turning dreamt onto always dog mon dreamed august days events nap bear intentional

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Sorry this is late. The bot was initiated roughly 13 hours past it’s normal time. Keep that in mind when reviewing the list.

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Eagle, that you so much for creating this botrun today, even if it needed to be late.
I especially like the title of this run given what is going on in Florida right now with Irma.

The word straw in between fuel tank competition is very interesting actually.
You drink through a straw and drink/drinking is in the run.
The idiom grasping at straws - to seize at any chance, no matter how slight, of saving oneself from calamity, totally works in this run and with fuel tank competition.

would represent Florida, the Orange Juice state. Also, the energy of Hurricane Irma.

this could mean a felled tree, an account of all the records keeping and record making for Irma or being water logged.
So most of the trending words are Irma related and surly many around the world are thinking/dreaming  of hurricanes and water right now.

God Bless all our members and others who are effected by Irma right now.
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drink glass sight saturday floating plastic below throughout
day residue perhaps but wow, the bot run sure is telling the story here.

The botrun title which will not go away, now with Puerto Rico and Hurricane Maria.  This has pretty much described the month of September in many parts of the US.
fuel tank competition
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