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Camping dreams
7 July and 8 July 2017

Camping dreams on two consecutive nights:

1) I'm with my husband at a wooded camping are. It doesn't seem to be a park or anything with camp sites that have tables and fire pits of some sort. It's like we're camping on someone's property yet we're not boondocking(there's electric and septic hookups). There are other campers around but none so close that we see their sites. We're setting up our trailer for an extended stay. The weather is growing cool and I'm thinking about what will need to be done to winterize the trailer because it will get cold soon. My husband twisted his ankle while hiking and now he's limping around. He steps out of the trailer and I hear him calling for me in an urgent voice. I rush outside to discover him lying on the ground, holding his left leg. He stepped in a hole and while nothing seems broken, I suspect he jacked his knee. He's unable to stand so I call for help. Nearby campers come to help as I splint my husband's leg. Several men lift him into the bed of our truck for the trip to the nearest clinic.

2) Once again, I'm camping in the woods, but this time with my sons, who were about 10 and 7(IRL, they're both adults). They're helping me get the site and trailer organized. There's a sense that we're going to be in this place for a while. They have plenty of toys and clothes and we have supplies to last for a while. While I'm working on the outside of the trailer, I become aware that I'm being watched. I glance around and discover a black dragon lying amongst the trees. It's watching me work, aware when I notice it lying there. I don't feel any threat from the dragon. More a sense that it's just watching me, paying attention to what I'm doing. I return to my tasks at hand, figuring if the dragon wants to talk to me, it will do so when it wants. In the meantime, I have much to do before it gets dark and cold.

Random thoughts:

We do have a travel trailer but it wasn't the trailer in my dreams. That one was bigger.

As I mentioned, both my kids are adults now. However, when I dream of them, I see them as the ages they were in this dream. I think it's a matter of I'll always see them as my little kids, even though they're hulking big guys now. Wink

My husband has jacked his left knee in a fall and broken his left left seriously enough that he required surgery involving a bone graft, the result of a bicycle accident. I don't worry about him damaging that leg again(you should have seen me when he decided to join a softball team a couple years after the accident. Every time he slid into a base, I darned near hyperventilated). He is a hiker(The dude can hike up to 10 miles over terrain without batting an eye).

The wooded site seemed to be the same in both dreams. There were others around but as I mentioned, not close enough to be seen. It seemed to be an organized camping set-up. Wherever it was, it was cool weather and I knew it would get cold so I had to get the trailer prepared for the cold.

The dragon didn't seem part of the dream. It watched from what felt like outside the dream. I got the impression that it was interested in what I was doing but that wasn't why it was there. More of a feel that it was waiting for me to notice it.

This dream felt like a tie-in to other dreams that involve moving into the mountains for some reason.
Thanks given by: Goldengirl , twiceblessed9

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