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Dream Telepathy?
What the heck kind of dream is this?

This is a dream many moons ago. It was so vivid and real that I’ve never forgotten it and I told it to several perplexed people over the years, still with no solid explanation. I’ve been through 2 master-level dream courses, but nothing like this was ever taught. Was it precognitive, telepathic, ESP, or what?

I was 8 years old, taking a cat-nap on the floor just in front of the fire place. It was about 5:00 in the evening, I had been asleep for over an hour. In that house the family room and kitchen were separated by a big white wall. Toward the end of my nap, I began dreaming very vividly…

I dreamed that I was standing in the kitchen about 10 feet away from the refrigerator when my mom was reaching for the refrigerator door. Somehow in the dream, I knew that there was going to be a calamity when she opened that door, and I began surging toward her saying, “NO!” But it was too late…just as she cracked open the door, all the contents of the fridge came pouring out onto the………
(This woke me up): “BAM!!” followed by a shriek and profanity. A VERY loud noise had just awoken me from my dream. It took me a couple of seconds to come out of my sleep state…”where am I; what am I doing on the floor?” Wait, that noise came from the kitchen! There’s no way, I’ve got to go see what happened….

I walked into the kitchen (I'm not dreaming anymore, I'm awake), and I could not believe what I saw. Just about all the contents of the refrigerator had fallen and splattered all over the floor. My mom stated that when she opened the refrigerator door, one of the top shelves had given way. All the milk and juice came falling out and taking most of the food in the door shelf with it. There were eggs and milk everywhere. I saw broken jars of jelly and God-knows what else all over the floor!

Theory. I can pretty much rule out a precognitive dream because the dream and real life were happening simultaneously. Just as the contents were crashing to the ground in my dream, I was awoken by the loud banging in the kitchen. The exact event was playing out identically in real life and my dream. I did actually see the contents at a later time, which does indicate some amount of precognition, but precognition does not explain seeing the falling objects in my dream and hearing the kitchen noise at the exact same time.

This is why I think telepathy is somehow at play. I might have been tuned into my mom’s brainwaves and perceptions, which allowed me to see what was going on in real-time behind my closed eyelids. The other possibility was that I was experiencing an out-of-body moment during my sleep, and I just happened to maintain a strong link between astral body and physical mind. This would explain why my mom was ignoring me (not hearing me) as I was yelling in the dream.

The only thing I really know about this event was that it defied the scientific view of our 3D world. For the rest of my life, I had no problems questioning what others considered “common sense.” I’d be very interested to hear about other similar experiences and/or possible explanations about what really went on behind the scenes. Obviously, I’m not looking for the coincidence explanation, as I have personally seen enough weird situations like this to throw that out. Comments welcome and appreciated.
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Here's a couple of recent examples from me.

1. One morning I was dreaming about a radio talk show. I woke, went to the bathroom, turned on the light which turns on the radio and it was the same talk show I was dreaming about. The subject was the same as my dream. I am the only one in the house and no radio was on when I was sleeping.

2. I was partially awake and wondering what time it is. My eyes are closed and I look at my phone (at the time it was a flip phone) and I could see the time through the phone. I awoke fully and opened the phone & yes, it was the exact time I saw with my eyes closed.
Thanks given by: Maysea
Eagle1, this was *precognitive. You dreamed it moments before it happened instead of hearing it from the dream-state and just thinking you had dreamed it.

I call no man "guru" but if I did so, I have had one and he reminds us that there's a gift of knowing what's going to happen moments or a moment even, before it happens or is said. I had never thought of how this surely happens while dreaming too, or it can. I think you're the first time I've ever "known" someone that experienced it. (I've experienced it many times and know this gentleman is right about it, the knowing moments before, never while I dreamed.)
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And not to get too far out there, but supposedly everything is actually happening all at once. It's just that our finite brains need a way to process, and linear time and events work to accomplish just that. But if we are all connected, and you can access that overview of all time, then you could definitely see what was going to "happen" and dream it a split second (in our reality) right "before" it took place.

Whew! My brain needs a rest after that one!
Thanks given by: Maysea

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