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Entertainment meme intentional dream
I concentrated on the entertainment meme and again I got more food and even though this is brief I will share anyway. I woke up at 5.30 this morning and went back to sleep to specifically dream on this subject.

there are 3 chefs, they may be in a competition together, they are certainly connected some how, maybe a tv show. Lots of cooking and laughter, food and more food.

Just prior to waking up I saw the words CHEESECAKE and BRASS i think brass is correct and i heard the word Bodicea. Cheesecake was in large white capital letters on a white background. Like a sign. the words had relief like they were stuck to the wall.

thats it.

I woke the above quickly when i woke up but now i have had a chance to think about it. There were 3 packets of coffee in silver paper called san marco also in my dream. I was delighted it was cheap. so all sorts of food and drinks.

Boadicea was a name familiar to me but I didn't know who it was except that it was a woman. So the first link is the information about the historical figure and the other two were a surprise from google

the mining company is interesting when put together with brass, because cheesecake brass doesn't make any sense. the brass is the police or establishment in the british isles also.
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