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Explosion Washington DC
About a year ago, I had a dream I was an eagle flying in the clouds, as I looked down between the clouds I saw a city.   All at once I saw a huge flash of light that was so big it was coming right at me.  A huge ball of fire.  Then a voice said, "Washington DC"
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Wow, am gonna phone a very close friend of mine that is a gifted-dreamer and she dreamed months ago that...

she was in DC at a classified briefing? I think it was, around members of I think it was admin. senate and House. There was an explosion, oh I've got to get her to post her dream here! Then folks ran but one dignitary didn't budge. He looked at her and told her...let's come this way.

Sorry, I'll get her to report it. I talked of it here somewhere.

I was on the phone with her an hour ago. She's really going to want to hear about yours. (She also dreamed that Southern California had a dirty bomb or some suitcase nuke? something like that.)

This lady even dreamed of planes flying into tall buildings a couple of months before that infamous day, and her physician had been told ahead of time and wanted her to enter a dream psychic study at some California University but she declined.
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Thank you, Gnostic.

Although most dreams come true within about 1-2 weeks, we have seen super huge events have longer precognitive time periods. Therefore, let's not be too quick to rule out that this dream comes true.
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