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How has recent dreaming been going?
Just curious how dreaming is going for everyone currently? I have noticed I am dreaming a lot but only remembering some of my dreams. I need to start journaling my dreams again.
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Remebering my dreams have been few and far between since September. That's for all dreams, day residue and walk-about dreams. The ones I post here on NDC are walk-about dreams.

09/2018 - 0
10/2018 - 1
11/2018 - 1
12/2018 - 2
01/2019 - 1
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Same as Cassandra since I started the hellaciously early wake-up times
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Hi Twice! Yes, busy in my dreams but remembering few.
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For awhile I wasn’t dreaming at all for long periods of time and I noticed when I would take Nascent Iodine I would start having dreams again. So all this week I put one single drop of iodine in a bottle of water and just take one tiny sip before I go to bed and I’ve been having the most amazing deep dreams every single night I’ve tried it. The dreams are vivid and almost controllable. I’m going to try again tonight.

I only take little drinks of iodine because some is better than none and I don’t want to over do it but it seems like any amount of iodine gives me deep REM dreams.
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