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Kennedy is Dead
In this dream I am with a group and we are preparing to perform a play, a musical.  I see clothes and costumes on a portable rack.  I step through it to get backstage and to dressing room area.  I think about the song I will be singing.  I walk over to a chest of drawers and open a drawer.  The director, "Oz" walks over to me and says, "Kennedy is dead."  The way he says it sounds like the news reports from the past that stated President John F. Kennedy is dead.  And I think to myself that this is wrong because John is already dead.  Then I think of his brother Robert Kennedy, and I say 'No, he is already dead also."  So I am wondering which Kennedy is it?   Then I remember that I heard it again at home before leaving to come to the theatre, "Kennedy is dead." Then see another director/actress directing a scene and getting all of the costumes, uniforms to match.  End
This dream was more vague and in pieces more so than some I would post.  But the main subject seemed very important and relevant.  I never heard the word assassination but the Kennedys were killed that way.  This makes me worry. We did just remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  so this could be affecting this dream.
If something were to happen what Kennedy would it be or could it be someone that has the qualities of these fine men who were killed?
Thanks given by: twiceblessed9 , Maat , Cassandra
Perhaps it is reference to a president for any country.
Thanks given by: Maat , Ridley
Maybe the position is dead. No more role of president? This could be metaphoric too. No one cares about the role of the president? If I'm wrong, so be it. Just a thought.
Thanks given by: Ridley
Ridley - When I read your post, I thought about a dream I had on 12/19/2018. The dream had Kennedy's in it.

12/19/2018 Dream: I was in an underground/underwater facility. I am being given a tour of the facility. Then someone says, the VIP’s are here. I walk outside and it looks like the Antarctica, lots of snow. I then see a boat drive up to the dock/driveway. I ask, who is the VIP? Someone says, Jacqueline Kennedy, her kids and her entourage. I see them get out of a boat and all but one man walks into the building. It is cold outside and everyone is dressed in cold weather clothing. I walked up to the man and notice his pale green eyes. I tell him, don’t worry about being separated from your group, I’ll show you the way.
Thanks given by: Ridley
(01-23-2019, 01:20 AM)twiceblessed9 Wrote: Perhaps it is reference to a president for any country.

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