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Kim Kardashian
This dream was brief and not as detailed as I would like to post.  But the dream involved Kim Kardashian so I thought I would write it out. First I see a woman of color and I see her from above as if I am looking down on her.  She appears to be a famous person, but not Kim. Then as I get closer I see that it is now Kim. She is reclining/ resting/  on a sofa but not the normal way.  She has her head and shoulders on the sofa seat with her body out away with no visible way of supporting her.  She seems subdued/ a bit sleepy and she is in a partially nude, "natural" state. She says "Kanye West" out loud. end.  
This dream had an unusual "spirit" about it.
Thanks given by: Eagle1 , Cassandra
I just learned that Kim and Kanye West are expecting a fourth child with the help of a surrogate.  I think this dream was/is connected to this occurrence.
Thanks given by: Cassandra , twiceblessed9

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