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LA serial killer, rapist
I've been journaling my dreams for a few weeks now to see how to plug in P2 if needed. Very wild ones lately about the cosmos!
Last night incubated for anyone dying/transitioning over that needs help.

4/26/15 pm before midnight.(Had to get up afterwards to empty bladder- noticed the clock and wondered what I had to eat before bed to elicit such a dream).

In LA area. Ambushed by someone dark- metaphor alert->(dark ops, dark beliefs, or dark skin?).
Brutal, emotionless, calculating- duck taped my mouth, hands but not legs.
Raped and beat me then left me for dead in a remote area that was dark and appeared wooded, it was hard to tell in my semi-conscious state- tall buildings or trees on all sides..
When police found my body they called for the coroner. I did die but came back and was
observing it all from above my naked body. The coroner examined my body and declared I was still (barely) alive. Metaphor- bare(ly) who knows the naked truth and is not telling?
In ICU on life support, I am unable to talk to police to give a description. I actually did not trust them anyway. I also did not trust the hospital staff to keep me alive. Hospitals are deadly places, I have to get away.
When I was able I broke loose of all IV support lines, sneaked out when no one was looking.I need to find a friend who would help me yet not tell anyone.

After the dream I was glad I woke up. I had the 'willies', thank goodness for full bladders.
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