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LA serial killer, rapist
No no fine really
I've been slammed at work and with snail pace dial up I just couldn't get up to speed so have been incubating for P2 using NADW's technique for dream states.
Very powerful
I was asked (as a minister) to go to a dying woman's bedside this week to help her transition over.
so, last night I also asked to incubate anything else I could do for dying folks.
Viola! this dream popped up! Very NADW-like. I was creeped out and now have deep compassion for her with her dreams. It is challenging to say the least to have her ability to tie into the astral realm with such darkness swirling around. yet it is her gift, like a Spiritual Warrior to give face to it and shed LIGHT on it.
My sense with that is that she heals much in those realms as she does this. It may not seem like it at first, yet we don't
always get to 'see' the effects or the difference one makes doing this awesome work.
it is special in that it is a path less traveled.
Not everyone is cut out for it.
Bravo NADW. I so respect your ability though it may seem a curse.
lets get frank about this- janitors and TOILET/sewer technicians- have to do the work- someone does.
Who pays them the respect an athlete gets for running a ball down a field? Well those athletes have to drop trou just like all of us and someone has to clean it up. THOSE are the ones that should get paid the BIG bucks!
With that said-
your dream technique NADW is very effective and powerful. I can't help that it brings me to this level but it needed healing and my god woman, I did a lot of healing all day! thank you.
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