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Large Incoming Asteroid, NOT a near miss!
This was a short dream last night.

I'm in deep space watching a object, most probably a asteroid.
It looks like a rock, a very large oblong shape...
I hear these words, "This is NOT a near miss, I repeat, this is NOT a near miss!

For clarification purposes...

The object was elongated in shape...massive
The voice...much like if a real emergency was happening and someone was saying, this is NOT a drill, I repeat, this is NOT a drill
The voice was male, masculine...
Also heard wailing sirens like from world war two...or perhaps used on military bases today
Thanks given by: Cassandra , Kelley , Eagle1
I just went and googled astroids 2019. Its been a busy week in the news for perhaps my dream is nothing more than a ripple in the global consciousness...
Thanks given by: Cassandra
Thanks Maysea. Please keep us posted if you dream anymore in the subject.

Also, the words "Cretaceous Period" came to me while reading your dream.
Thanks given by: Maysea
World Wide Predictions today mentioned a prediction about a satellite exploding and the an emergency alarm going off.
This might be related.
Thanks given by: Maysea , Eagle1
Tonight as we returned home I saw a fireball in the sky. It was very bright. Dropped straight down before burning out. It's been a long time since I've seen one of those in this area.
Thanks given by: Maysea , twiceblessed9

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