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Meeting Nostradamus
I had this dream just a little while before I dreampt of "Mummy Woman". (I honestly can't remember when I had this dream exactly... its been quite a while though... over a year ago, Im sure... ) I'm afraid that much like the "Mummy Woman" dream, I forgot alot of this dream upon waking up. In fact, I might have forgotten the dream entirely had my husband not known who Nostradamus was. I had never heard of him prior to the dream and was shocked that he was real...

I dreamt that I was walking towards a big tower where I was greeted by an older looking man with a funny hat wearing a blue robe. He had a long beard and seemed overly excited to see me. I was confused because I didn't know the man, but he was so bouncy and happy, I couldn't help but want to follow him when he invited me into his tower. He interduced himself as Nostradomus and told me to remember (Nose-trad-um-ous) and cracked a few jokes to help me remember his name. (Coolest old guy ever! Seriously!) Inside the tower were a bunch of spiraling stairs that just went up for FOREVER. As we walked up the stairs, he didn't stop talking for a minute. After he had greeted me warmly, he said that he was excited that I had finally decided to visit and mentioned that he hadn't had any visitors for some time, then went on to talking about how he never really liked those stairs but that being higher brought him some kind of higher understanding of the world. In the dream, that kinda made sense.

When we got up to the room, I was in shock. There were books everywhere! There was some kind of wierd little basin of water under some kind of device that looked simular to a telescope pointing strait up into the sky. He had a nice little crystal collection that I was especially fascinated with because I always thought crystals were kinda pretty. He also had a weird looking fireplace. His place at the top of his tower was REALLY messy. There were papers and books flung open everywhere and part of me wanted to clean it up, but I felt like there was some kind of order to the madness. It was a bit awkward.

While I stared at one of his piles of books, he beamed with pride and told me that he had written all of them. I was shocked because when I say "Pile of books" what I mean is that he had a mountain of books stacked up in his room. It would have taken YEARS and YEARS to write all of those books -- THICK books! He suddenly slowed down in his talking and told me that he had to destroy all of the books. When I asked why, he told me that if the wrong person got a hold of one of the books they could destroy the world, he had written them to make the world a better place, but people already wanted to kill him for his books and he had to destroy them before someone bad got one of them. I felt horrible for him. He seemed so happy smiling so big and joking around with me... he seemed togenuinely care about people ... why would someone want to defile his work? He must have noticed that I was upset. He told me not to worry and said that he would leave a book for me under my bed because I would know what to do with it. He went on to tell me that every little decision and thing done in our earthly 'realm' affected other realms and that with those books, someone could affect other realms that would inevitably affect or even destroy our own realm because they were somehow all linked together. To be honest... most of what he said was so hard for me to understand that my mind just went blank and alot of what he said went in one ear and out the other. He must have noticed that he had lost me, because quit talking when he saw me zoning out and staring at his walls.

I noticed lots of charts on his walls. Some of the human body with certan areas marked.. but there was one in paticular that I was fascinated by. He had listed on this chartsome of our "incurable" illnesses WITH CURES! On the list were cancer, AIDS, Leukemia, and a few other things. I bounced around all excited telling him how awesome it was that he had found the cures! Now I was the one talking my head off! There were even little illustrations next to the ingredients to make the cures. Im afraid that I don't remember the details of what I saw... but I do remember that cancer, AIDS, and leukemia were on the chart and some of the ingredients used for the cures were alligator blood and pufferfish oil. They were Eagle1istered with Porcupine quills and I assumed they were used like accupuncture needles, but with medicine in them.

As I bounced around all excited, he told me that he had lived and died before his time. He was dead? I got a bit upset and asked him how he died. He told me he died from eating too much fried chicken.

I woke up amused by the dream. I don't think anyone would think to use alligator blood or puffer fish as an ingredient to cure ANY kind of illness, but you never know! Maybe the cures really ARE right under our noses. I guess I also thought it was silly that anyone would die from eating too much fried chicken. What a way to go! I wish I remembered all the rest of the chart. I DID check under my bed... but I didn't find any books... what I DID find was my old laptop covered in marker lines and batman stickers. (YAY! ) This was one of the VERY FEW dreams that interested my husband. He actually printed out a bit of info about Nostradamus for me while he was at work. In one of the articles, it mentioned that Nostradamus practiced witchcraft and I promply stopped studying him... also, his predictions really freaked me out.


Today, after I finished writing my dream (Around 7:10pm- ish) I stepped outside with my husband while he smoked. We were discussing my dream and trying to remember all of the details that we could. He mentioned to me that what might have been "Witchcraft" back then, might be simple science now, and he said that I should look back into Nostradamous. I agreed. This is the THIRD time that I've tried to submit this dream. We were talking back and forth about how wierd it has been that I have entered all of my other dreams without a problem, but THIS dream has deleted itself TWICE leaving me VERY frustrated. (I was smart and used notepad this time as I SHOULD HAVE DONE the first two times.) While we were disscussing this, I got a sharp pain in my temple. There was no reason for me to think anything of this. I do stress alot from time to time. My husband had been doing some pressure washing outside and the pressure washer was directly in front of us... and after the pain left my head, I sat up and the pressure washer started going off on it's own for just a second. It was several feet from our reach... When it stopped, my headache came back. I'm thinking this is some sort of freak coincidence, but my husband insisted that I add it to my documentation just in case it is not.
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