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(Note: I am experiencing yet another prolonged absence of dream recall, accompanied by very disturbed sleeping patterns. Nonetheless, this from last night.)

My mother and father appeared, location not familiar to me. Both had passed on years ago. I was in a bedroom unpacking (continuous theme), and I could hear them bickering in the kitchen. I remarked to myself that some things never change; and they are still bickering "there". I walked out to the kitchen, and my mother said that "she had left my father in Leachville" and needed to go get him. I said the name of this place twice, in case I misunderstood what she was teling me. Emphasis LEACHville versus another possible name. I am not familiar with this area. We hurried to go. We arrived first at a bazaar type of open market area, containing gourmet stores and restaurants, a market place. I looked at the food items in bins as we walked through. We "popped up" in Leachville next, at a motel (continuous theme), and I got a key out, struggling to fit the key into the special lock. As I did so, it set off an alarm.
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