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More and more visits.
(Note: multiple dates and the addition of one more dreamer-contact, denoted with an asterisk.)

3/13/15: Hypnapompic: I looked over at the east side of my pond, down toward the meadow, and observed an unknown man with three dogs. One was a large black dog, like a Newfie, and an unknown breed, and a small dog, which I ran over and scooped up in anger. The dog was a bulldog (not a pit), and it snarled at me. The unknown man continued to walk away from me as I screamed at him he was trespassing, and that I had livestock, which the dogs would surely injure or kill.

3/13/15 *From contact "S": Hillary Clinton appeared in her dream-experience, acting nice, and handing a small gift to S's grandson, Henry. Hillary's kind behavior caught S off-guard; she asked Hillary how she handled the criticism. Hillary replied that it hurt her feelings, but she tried to deal with it. Note: S cannot stand HC.

3/14/15 Hypnapompic: My dream-experience from last night, so jumbled up, I am almost ashamed to journal it. Let us see if the semantics are meaningful. I was reunited with estranged family members, some of whom I had not seen in 30 years. It was like a welcome home party. The party included my brother, my sister, and my former sister-in-law, Linda. My sister showed me a glossy magazine, in which she had been featured in a bridal spread. Note that my sister's wedding occurred decades ago. I, then, looked on to the kitchen counter (in a large older house I am not familiar with), seeing another new magazine there, just received in through the mail, with a white label on it addressed to me. I started to ask my brother why he had subscribed to a magazine using my name and my separate address. I walked out to the patio, and my former sister-in-law was seated in a lawn chair. On her lap was her 'daughter'. I reached down and grabbed up the little "girl", trying to be nice to family members I had not seen in so long. I positioned the "girl" on my lap, and began to stroke its little head. It looked up at me with bright cobalt blue eyes. I remarked to myself that I had never seen such a homely child in my life. I did not know what to say. The "child" was not a child, but a monkey, dressed in a human infant's dress.
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