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Mountain lake becoming like a ocean
This morning I had a dream. My family and I were moving into a new home, which was anything but new. There had been several buildings here which now lay in ruins. We were moving into the last standing building, which was in disrepair. I knew it would take alot of work to fix but was undaunted and actually quite up to the challenge. As I took in the surroundings it seemed to have once been a thriving resort. On the forested floor, nestled in the pine needles lay a beautifully hand-painted sign which read "The Cottages", in calligraphy style, writing was cream colored, off white. The remaining building was built in swiss chalet style, really more like a large cabin then cottage though the planks were flat. Many rooms...I take in the surroundings...mountains, forest, really beautiful...there is a lake about a stones throw away...suddenly there is alot of traffic...people are coming to watch the is! Orders to evacuate! The lake is becoming more like a ocean, fast! Officials are talking about a volcanic fissure becoming hot, active...panic and pandamonium follows as there may not be time to get off the mountain. End of dream.
Thanks given by: pink Rose , twiceblessed9
Any idea where this happened Maysea? Thanks for posting.
Thanks given by: Maysea
(02-23-2017, 04:57 PM)twiceblessed9 Wrote: Any idea where this happened Maysea?  Thanks for posting.

Not sure where...I get a West Coast impression though.
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And once again a rising water connection. Although this is the first that possibly shows the trigger, in your dream the volcanic fissure.
Thanks given by: Maysea

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