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Olympic's dream, 5/5/17 AM
This dream came out of nowhere, meaning no day residue.

Start of Dream. Dreamed I am in a huge stadium, like a open air football or baseball stadium. It is daytime and I see activities going on in the field area. I see that it's the Olympic's. I look down and see I am wearing an ID/pass on an Olympics lanyard around my neck. I look up and see that part of the stadium seating has been turned into a slanted vertical wall. When I look closer I see it looks like a climbing wall made out of a thick rubber. Then I look behind me and see a line of people running toward the wall and they climb the wall racing to the top. I see one person reach the top and I think, "I wonder who that person is that just won the race".
I looked around me and see another person near me who was watching the climb. He said, "look that is the woman who won the race". I look over and see she is smiling and I am wondering who she is. He tells me that her husband is a police officer and he was unable to be here with her today. I am happy she won.

I then decided to walk behind the scenes to see what is happening there. I see a lot of media people and equipment and think this must be the media area hangout. Then I walk to the entrance and see family members and talk with them and tell them were to get their ID Passes. I told them I will meet them later. End of Dream
Thanks given by: Goldengirl
I wonder who the woman is, and why her husband is absent. Hmmmm.....
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