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Prediction Hurricane on NC Coast: a revisit
About a week ago, I dreamed of visiting with an old high school friend again in Wilmington, NC. (USA).  We are outside looking at the water and his sailboat.  But I cannot remember very much else. I felt that my friend was perhaps angry and frustrated with the situation.  This recent dream is nothing that I would usually post. But it got me to thinking about my previous posts of November 2nd and 7th 2016.  In that previously posted dream, I am riding around in a car with this same friend and as we go to different places we see tremendous destruction in Wilmington caused by a hurricane.  As I write this, Hurricane Florence is out in the Atlantic Ocean with a high probability of making landfall in about 4 days on the North and/or South Carolina coast. (with 2 more storms out in the Atlantic.)  Because I dreamed of my friend a few days ago, I thought I would revisit my earlier dream posts of destruction in Wilmington, NC.  I still believe that the previous dream was a precognitive warning of Hurricane Matthew which caused tremendous flooding in NC and other states.  Victims are still recovering. It caused damage in Wilmington area but not as much as I saw in the dream.   Perhaps the dream is connected to both storm systems. //Hoping for the best.
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Ridley, do you live where the cone is?
May you and your friends be safe if so. May all the people in the area find safety. Things look pretty bad, FLORENCE IS PRETTY BIG AND FIERCE.
Thanks given by: Ridley
This is a follow up post.  As we know, Hurricane Florence did make landfall in the Wilmington area 4 days after my post.  There was a lot of wind damage and tremendous flooding as a result of the storm. Wilmington was completely cut off by the high water flooding.  The flooding was not limited to Wilmington but the wide scope of this area was flooded as well. The flooding carried over into South Carolina and huge areas of NC.  Many people are still trying to recover from all of the damage. Also many people who were affected by Hurricane Matthew 2 years before were hurt again by Florence.  The news media follows a big story like a hurricane for a few days and then stop.  This does not mean that everything is ok. Many people lost everything and have no flood insurance to replace. Not to mention the mental and emotional trauma. I do think that these dreams shown to me were a warning of the storms to come.  How do you worn people? Would they listen?
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