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Purple Cross / New Baby
I dreamt that my husband and I had separated. I was very distraught and decided that I would take a walk to help clear my mind and calm down. As I walked down the street, I met a man. He was a bit tall, very bald, and had these big, happy eyes. You just don't see grown men running around these days with these kinds of eyes. In fact, I would be hard pressed to say that I know ANY men who have these kinds of eyes. It didn't look like he had a worry in the world, and when I looked at him, I didn't feel like I had one either. (Which is nuts because I worry about EVERYTHING) When he saw me, he smiled ear to ear, and I couldn't help but smile back. I had no idea who this guy was, but I felt like maybe I was supposed to know. Still, being the shy person I am, I tried to walk past him quickly and I could feel my cheeks get hot when I did.

He stopped me and asked me to come with him. Well, there were some conflicting feelings here. My mind was screaming "Stranger danger! Run for the hills!" but my heart kinda wanted to follow him to see how and why he was so happy and carefree. I thought about it for just a second, and decided that I should not go with him because my husband and I had just separated and if anyone saw us together, they might get the wrong idea. So I politely told the man that I didn't think that would be a very good idea, and thanked him for his offer before continuing my walk.

When I reached the end of the neighborhood, I turned around and walked back. I had nearly made it back home when I saw the man standing next to my mailbox across from my driveway. When he saw me, he smiled big and waved at me, so I walked over to him. He was holding a beautiful, large pot in his hands. The pot had stargazer lilies with passion flower vines growing beneath them, draping over the edge of the pot. This was nuts. Not only did this guy know my two very favorite flowers, he knew that I did not like to receive cut flowers. He knew that I would only accept potted ones. But HOW?! Just who was this guy anyway?!

He asked me again if I would follow him, and I told him I would. It was impossible for any random person to know me the way he seemed to, so I felt like I could probably trust him. He told me that we didn't have a lot of time, so we had to run. He grabbed my hand, and we started running so fast that everything became a blur around us. Once we left the neighborhood, though, in the blurs I could see people rioting and fighting. When I got scared, the man started running even faster so that I could not see anything at all.

We came to an abrupt stop in this weird, ethereal place. It was a huge open space that looked like a pink and purple sunset and the colors swirled and drifted together in such a beautiful way. In front of me, there was a thin circle of light floating just over the ground, and I looked over to the man, who nodded at me, before I stepping on this circle.

Once I was on the circle, I started floating into the air. This scared me, and I tried to reach out for the man's hand so that he would pull me back down. He reached his hand out back to me, but we only managed to brush fingertips. I was too high not for him to reach me and pull me back down. But then, the fear left me. I felt warm and peaceful and all the negativity drained from my body.

I was now outside of my body watching myself transform. Starting with my feet, my body began turning into what looked to be a large, decorative purple cross. What looked like purple vines twisted and twirled making beautiful and intricate designs and beautiful curls from the sides. At the end of the transformation... all that looked human on me was my face which was now purple and was right where the ends of the cross met in the middle. I opened my mouth, and when I did, not a word came out, just a strange, almost musical noise and above my cross a black hole opened up and began to grow bigger and bigger. Inside the hole there were tanks and soldiers fighting. I watched what looked like lights in the sky. Some would fall and explode on earth like bombs. Some would explode in the air and light up the sky like lightning but then a ring of light would flash out and shoot across the sky. Others would also explode in the sky and a green mist would fall to the ground and the people under it would convulse and die... others would start clawing at their skin until the skin started to peal off and they would start clawing chunks of flesh from their bodies. I had to look away after watching so much of this. I looked to the man. I was amazed that his eyes hadn't changed much. But his eyebrows were giving away the fact that he was now very concerned. He was watching everything going on and writing it in a large, gold book with a quill pen.

I woke up from this dream a little upset. I was not happy with watching war or people clawing their bodies to pieces. It was about 2am when I woke up, so I made some notes of my dream in my journal and got a glass of water before going back to bed.

This time I dreamt that my husband and I had been arguing, so I went out for a while. I was living in my childhood home and walked down the long hill. This time, there was a very creepy man who looked a bit like Jim Carry driving an old black car. When he saw me, he stopped and asked me if I needed a ride. NOPE! When I looked into his car, everything about him gave me the creeps. He had some creepy silver eyes and one seemed to look darker than the other. He had long fingernails that were painted black, and he had black hair and clothes. This was "stranger danger" if I 've EVER seen it. So. Creepy.

When I told him 'no' he shrugged, gave me a creepy smile, and drove off. Thank God, because that guy made every hair on my body stand on end. I ended up walking to the police station in the small town I grew up in. Someone was giving me a tour for some reason, and I wobbled around watching everyone work. I was about to leave when I started feeling very ill. I ended up passing out just outside of the station and a couple of people ran to my side to call me an ambulance.

I came to in a hospital lying on a bed. I had IVs in me and the light was out so I could rest. I'm afraid of needles, so I tried to turn to my side a bit to avoid looking at it but then I started focusing on the hospital sheets. I hate hospital sheets. They are like trying to sleep in cold, crunchy paper towels. I couldn't get comfortable, so I was getting very upset, then I felt my baby drop. Horrified, I started pressing the nurse's call button like a crazy person. Finally someone came in to find that I was delivering my baby. There was no time now for a doctor, so a couple of other nurses ran in, all with horrified faces. I didn't feel a thing as the baby was delivered. The nurses were in shock not knowing what to do, so I asked to hold my baby while they went to alert a doctor. My baby had been born early, and she was so tiny. I was worried about her health for a moment, but she held my finger very tight, so I knew that she was strong and would be just fine. Moments later, a doctor ran in and took care of her. They took her away in an incubator and I was left alone for a while. I was so happy, I wasn't even worried about the IV or crunchy sheets. Nothing could have bothered me at this point.

The next day, my baby was brought back to me in a nice blanket. She had a little cap on her head and little mittens on her hands. She had the cutest little face with a pointed chin and button nose. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I thought to myself that I had done a pretty good job here. No baby on earth could be cuter than mine. (But every mother thinks that about their children... Tongue)

I was released from the hospital and began walking home. I was walking up the hill back to the house when I looked at the paperwork the hospital gave me. They listed my daughters skin color and eye colors with pixels of the shade next to it. They had a light shade of brown listed for her hair... that was correct, then they listed her eye color as a brown about the same color. That was wrong! Looking at her picture (because her eyes were covered to protect them from the sun) her eyes were either a light baby blue or sea green color. It was hard to make out the exact shade because of the glare on the photo paper from the sun. No worries. It didn't matter what color they were. Not really.

When I got home, I had found that we had moved. We were now in some really old home in an even smaller town. I didn't mind. I walked around scanning the home and envisioning what I was going to do to make it a happier- looking place. I've always been one who clings to the more natural earth tones, but now I thought I might want to paint this new house some brighter colors. For example, I thought the hall would look nice in a bright, happy shade of yellow. As I walked around planning, I met the old owner sanding a splintered part of the wall. She told me to be very careful while fixing the house up as not to wake up any ghosts. I looked at her funny and told her that I thought she would have taken care of any ghosts living there while she was living there. She shook her head and told me that she had not. She had tried and failed and so instead, she just learned to live with them. And she reminded me that they were just "normal" ghosts and to remember the most that they could do would be to scare me a bit. It didn't seem too bad and I felt like I didn't have money to move so I might as well just get used to it. People ghosts aren't really scary to me anyway.
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