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Southern California reverse Tsunami
I'm posting this before reading any other dreams, I saw at least one similar subject.

My intent was "I would like to be shown things that will affect me in the near future"

My dream started out, I was in some sort of a museum. I was in a small room that had some paintings hanging. My Grandfather (deceased) who didn't quite look like my Grandfather, was in front of an impressionistic painting. It was an oil painting, I believe it was supposed to be a tiger but I was not left with an great impression of what it was supposed to be. It had very think oil paint. I was standing next to a painting of a tiger that was on metal, and was done to be photorealistically - although in this case I did not think photorealism had been achieved. Apparently the impressionistic piece had been done by my Grandfather, the tiger on the metal had been done by myself. My Grandfather tilted his head at my painting, and told me he would pay me to do a piece like this (pointing at his), but not one like mine (a somewhat photorealistic painting on metal). I commented that with some practice, I really could do a painting in any style. A couple of my cousins were also in the room. They were then saying to me "but wouldn't that be a forgery". I answered that a lot of art being sold as originals were probably forgeries these days, they can't tell the difference.

We were then in a larger room of the museum. There were two three sided pillars in the room. I was focused more on the pillar on the left. Around that pillar were three "gateways" - they had pillars on the side with ornate tops. In front of the gateway closest to me was a detailed sculpture, done apparently in ceramic with a high gloss glaze so that the figure was shiny. There was another similar sculpture around the other pillar; I don't recall if there were gateways. My Grandfather was at the back of the gateway. I went around and looked at all three of the gateways. The figure in front of the one gateway looked somewhat European; very large and muscular, with an impression of being European. He had a war horn, which was on the ground. He had one hand on the horn, and was leaping up and over it; the sculpture had him captured in mid leap, as if he was vaulting himself up out of the ground. My Grandfater said to me "you should make something like this, and paint it as if there are flames coming up from out of the ground. This particular gateway had two horns on it, pointing out like bull's horns.

My younger brother, who was not really my younger brother, then came up to me. He had a book in his hand, opened to a page that was depicting a piece of artwork. In the artwork, there were a number of flying men. They were all very hairy, and if not naked they were close to it. I don't recall any ethnicity. Each of the men had wings there were spread out, the wings were made of feathers of some sort. My brother was asking me if I thought the wings looked like what my Grandfather might want in a painting. I looked at the picture and zoomed into it.

I was now watching the group of men as they glided in to land in the ocean. As they landed, I could see that their backs were covered with very thick hair, that was more or less like velcro. As they landed, the wings came off. They then swam out to sea, came back, and reattached the wings. The original wings were not necessarily going back to the same person, they didn't seem to care. Then they took off again. I backed up to a very high altitude, I could see they were migrating back and forth, from the North Side of Australia on the western side of the Queensland peninsula, down to the southern end of Eastern Australia near Sydney. They would go back and forth.

I now found myself in the ocean. I was with somebody else, who was saying that Southern California beaches were still the best in the world. Why go all the way to Australia for a beach. We had masks, fins, and wetsuits on. The water was cold, but bearable with the wetsuits. I had dove down below the water. As usual I was not super impressed with the California water - the water wasn't too bad on clarity, but it still had a lot of silt in it. The water was fairly blue with a green tint to it. There was a single piece of kelp coming up from the depths. I was thinking the viz was around 20-25 feet, and could not see the bottom of the kelp. I had a thought that it would be difficult to see a shark coming in in this kind of water, and started to imagine a great white shark. Then I tossed it out, there were no sharks in this water. Unfortunately other than the piece of kelp, there was no nothing in the water. I went back to the surface, and was immediately rolled over. I was on the surface again, still in water with a lot of depth; the other guy I was with laughed and said "I guess we timed the poorly, we really got rolled by that wave". Looking in towards the beach, there was another wave coming toward us. Before it got there, I dove under and stayed at depth. I felt the wave go by quickly, and went back to the surface to get a breath. There was another wave coming, this one almost on top of me already. I dove again; I was under the water and was counting 1 1 thousand, 2 1 thousand. The wave went by and I waited until about a count of 10 to surface. Again there was another wave coming and it was almost on top of me. I dove again to avoid the wave.

At this point, I felt like something was walking on my bed, I woke up.

My impressions:

I left the first room after the discussion of "a forgery", and that people were willing to accept a fake.

The second room, it was a gate, where my Grandfather had suggested having flames come up from the floor. The gates of hell. The figure in front was leaping up out of the floor. There were multiple figures - not "the" anti-christ. Multiple.

The flying men were not angelic, but they also weren't bat winged demons. At this point, I'm not quite sure of what they meant.

Because of the waves, I was at first wondering if this meant there would be a tsunami caused by a large earthquake in Australia. Remembering the dream, I was out at sea in deep water, and the waves continuosly came towards me - away from the beach and away from Southern California. So maybe an Earthquake in Southern California that causes a Tsunami someplace else, or its not a physical wave but something sent out from Southern California.
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Does this resonate one iota?
That it's a dream telling you that So. CA. is going to have a dramatic loss of water above and beyond their dire situation, now??
What could cause such a thing? A dam breaking or something being destroyed or ruined so that a large part of the southland there loses a large capacity of its water.
Don't know why but this is what came to me upon reading this. Sorry if I'm not saying this hunch clearly.
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