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Telekinesis and flying
I was taken to a beach by this old wise man, he begun to move stones with his mind. 

He was able to teach me how to do this, although I am not sure how exactly. It was as if the ability just came to me. 

I begun to move many of the stones on the beach, I could really feel which part of the brain was used to initiate the movement. 

My teacher was impressed, then after a short while of experimenting with this, I told my teacher I knew how to fly.

He seemed a bit surprised by what I said and wanted me to show him.

With that, I took off, again I could feel the intent/energy used in the brain to perform such an act, which is different to my previous flying dreams where I just did it without thinking about it really.

The flying went on for quite a while, and felt great.

Then I came across my Dad who grabbed me and tried to pull me back down to Earth, after a short struggle I broke free and continued flying.  

After a while I woke up (Or so I thought) and begun writing my dream down. 

Little did I actually know I had woken up into another dream! Shortly after writing my dream down I actually woke up and wrote my dream down, haha. 

5am GMT+12 31/01/19

I have had many dreams involving telekinesis and I am convinced it is possible, some how.
Thanks given by: Cassandra

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