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Thought I posted this about a week ago
As this is from memory over a week ago but hits on the possible cern topic.

I was hovering in the air watching air traffic when I noticed a plane being carried piggyback on another. They dropped in altitude and separated. The lower plane entered the ocean withou a crash.

The plane re emerged from the ocean, but in a different form. Kind of ufo ish. It appeared to be searching the sky for us but then shot off to the hovering base where unknown research was going on. There was a scene at the base, where I think that those running the experiment wanted it for themselves and no longer wished to share with others, I think. They were packing up stuff to move there experiment elsewhere. One of the last ones on the base expressed that their experiment went awry. I then was in a city after this and Gravity seemed to be faltering for me immediately and the system overtime. There was also major upheaval/ the whole fabric of reality being torn apart in the distance.

Any way the dream seemed to have meaning. Which is why I posted it initially and now again.
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