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loading trucks, 1283
First scene im floating high above a city.. everythings dark. Feels like gotham city. Industrial area. I sense fire. I cant see it or smell it, but I know its there and im trying to find it.
Next scene. I am at some kind of truck loading area. There are 2 trucks outside the bay and one truck inside. The substance they are loading is white. I can see the residue of it on the loading spout. In my dream I think Cotton? Suddenly theres smoke. Everyone starts to panic. Im confused cuz im the new guy. Ive never done this before. I don’t understand how theres smoke. Its coming from inside the loading spout and truck. Maybe its vapor? Chemicals? Not really smoke. Im scared and these people aren’t telling me anything. They are yelling orders at me. Theres a young girl sitting on the platform in the loading bay. Somethings wrong with her but I don’t know what. The “boss” is there now. She is yelling orders to get out here to the other trucks and move this cargo around. She is a white woman with short white hair cut in a bob. White long sleeves or jacket and black pants. It is freezing outside. The stuff is freezing in the trucks. Move these boxes to that other truck. I start moving boxes. They are grey storage tubs about 1.5 foot almost square. Moving them one truck to the other but one box is red. Then the boss walks to the edge of the loading area. I see her. There is a fence around the whole area. Its cream colored and its like a containing wall or dividing wall made of abot 3 feet high concrete and about 4 feet tall steel panels on top of the concrete. The panels aren’t solid though. They are like fencing, but not slatted. There is black ocean beyond the wall. I feel like we are on top of a tall building near an ocean. I move another box. Then I see the boss collapse against the wall. I think she has just tripped into the wall. I move another box. I see her still in the same position. I go to help. She has a black rope around her neck and is hanging. I quickly remove the rope. And im like what are you doing?!?! She says I didn’t try to kill myself. I fell into the rope. I don’t believe her. I don’t believe anything any of these people are telling me. It is all fishy.

ive never been to this city. all I can say is it reminds me of gotham city in the batman movies.
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