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Trips and Guns.
(Note: I have had vivid oobe experiences each night of the past four nights, but not a moment free to write the experiences down in this forum. Each time, these experiences were much like NDE life reviews, with friends and family members from my past appearing to communicate with me. Now, for a brief update as to last night's dream experience. Early this morning, hypnapompic, I had a particularly real and compelling experience, and I found it difficult to raise myself awake from it. When I forced myself to awaken (as I was really sleeping in late), I found myself still fully within the intense vibrational state centered upon the solar plexus region. The vibrational state center has continued to shift on its own past few years. However, in the past ten days, I had noted the vibrational state had begun to spontaneously morph, moving from front to back, in a sweeping motion I had no control over. This morning, it was front only, solar plexus chakra, and I waited for it to die down, but it did not. So, out of incredible curiosity, I touched the solar plexus area with my index finger. Lo and behold, I could FEEL the vibrations, until about 5 minutes later, when they completely went away. Heck, these are physiological as well as inner vibrations. I could not have been more shocked. Kindly note that avid researcher Robert Monroe was never able to reach a conclusion regarding the vibrations, not quite clear as to whether these simply indicated separation from physical or a component of a larger evolutionary change for the individual.)

Experience #1: My husband (crossed over 6/11) had arrived, and I asked him if he would like to move from the cottage to the big house. He gently indicated he would prefer to stay in the cottage. I have no further recall.

Experience #2: I was in a shotgun house (for anyone not familiar with this structure, I've included a photo below) in Biloxi, on the enclosed front porch and it was night time. I saw out the door groups of young men, Saxon, wearing hoodies and dark caps, carrying huge stacks of long guns in grey fabric carrying cases on their outstretched arms. Other young people were running up to them, and grabbing one or two long guns off the stack, and this was going on and on, with no end. It was all being done covertly. Shocked, I yelled to Sally (my long time friend in another part of the country, who was miraculously with me during this experiene) to go and get her gun. Sally and I were in the house alone. Sally ran to her room and got her gun out, returning to the front porch. As soon as she did, I ran back into my room, grabbed my gun, and then locked Eva (passed 12/10), my cat, into the room so she would not escape. Returning to the front porch, we waited.

Cosmic Jukebox: When doves cry, Prince. WTH?

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