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TwiceBlessed9's Trophy Case
As most NDC visitors know, there are basically two avenues for precognition: 1) Dreams/Visions (which are documented in the Public Dreams section), and 2) the DreamBot runs. The linguistic sets in the daily DreamBot runs normally require at least a small amount of interpretation before they can become useful in the precognition domain. TwiceBlessed has proven to have an advanced perspective on the DreamBot linguistics.

On 6/26/15, TwiceBlessed interpreted two significant linguistics phrases and unknowingly made bullseye predictions on what would end up being the biggest news that week.

Predictions (link: )
Lingo: wed paper lounge flash,signed
Prediction: Sounds like wedding papers being signed. Either the flash of photographs or a news flash( Supreme Court related).
4.5-5-5 (Wedding papers are metaphoric for gay marriage rights, and the location was spot on....supreme court. The news happened within 24 hours)

Lingo: Reality damn soon snake June people sleeping security noise...mum escape
Prediction: I am getting terrorist activity. The security and the people will be awakened by the noise (impact/ effect). The terrorists escape quietly ( mum) or the people escape being hurt. 
5-0-5 (Enough details about the terrorism were implied in the prediction, but no location was specified. Happened within 24 hours of the prediction.)

EXCELLENT JOB, TwiceBlessed!!
More correct linguistics interpretation by TwiceBlessed. In a single dreambot run, the following predictions were made:

1. "I am predicting the US team soccer team wins based on the other threads and we now have daughter toast and beautiful soccer"
Prediction link:
Date of prediction: July 5, 2015
Date of news: July 6, 2015
News link:
Score: 5-5-5 (Score needs to be tempered with the fact that the US was just one game away from the win and that the WHERE and WHEN of this event were both inferred. The score is important and relevant, but would have held incrementally more significance if the US team was further away from the championship win when the prediction was made.)

From the same run, Twice predicted that:
"matter wakes action around trunk- look for an issue to happen which will rally people around the elephant plight and action is taken or alternatively, an issue with a piece of luggage requires people to act."
Prediction link: Same as link above
Prediction date: July 5, 2015
News date: July 7, 2015
Score: 5-0-4 (No location was indicated, although most elephants live in Africa, where the news manifested, but the WHERE receives 0 points. The news came within a week, thus 4 points).

Great job with this run, TwiceBlessed!
Precognition #3 for TwiceBlessed.

This one again was from the linguistics. The full explanation is here:

Score: (WHAT-WHERE-WHEN): 5-4-3

WHAT: She correctly identified the name of the storm and correctly identified that it will be both a Hurricane and a Tropical Storm, plus the damage it will do and plus the fact this will primarily affect the water (i.e, out in the ocean rather on land).
WHERE: The central theme was George in the Atlantic Ocean. I found all the St. Georges in and near the Atlantic Ocean were all very concerned about Hurricane Danny, but the St. George that was closest was in Grenada, although it only received an indirect 'hit' on that island from Danny. Thus, TB9 correctly identified the metaphor, but St. George wasn't directly in Danny's path. It was within about an average US State's distance, so 4 points.
WHEN: Bullseye hit, in that Danny was declared in the LEO timeframe. However, the LEO timeframe is about a month long, so the best Twice could do here is a 3 since there wasn't a specific date. In looking how TwiceBlessed could have identified a date here, it would be really tough and certainly not expected. But, in the potential learning for all the DreamForecasters, I notice two hints in the linguistics. First, the word "Falls" might have indicated that it happens in LEO, but in the date closest to the Fall (i.e., August 20th would have been the date, and that would have been spot on, in the heart of Danny's travels). The other word in the lingo was "Background," and although extremely unlikely, someone could have identified that it was at the BACK end of Leo timeframe.

This is a very good score for any measure, but especially for a linguistics extraction. Getting all three components accurately assessed from lingo is very difficult. GREAT JOB, Twice!
Thanks Eagle!

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