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Unidentified plane crash 2015-2016?
Dream: 9-17-2015 4:20pm plane crash
posted Sep 18, 2015 by DreamWeaver
October 21st Korean Airlines, mechanical malfunctions. No dead bodies seen.
#272 plane number?
#42828? Unknown number.
[Last edited Sep 21, 2015]

Back story, last year when i came out of surgery i was screaming this information and begging the nurse/doctors for a note pad. I wrote down in a very drug induced haze the following information. Unfortunately, i do not remember doing that, i was told about it by other people.... and i do not remember what i saw when i was put under sedation at all.

NEWS: Korean Air Jet Has Engine Fire in Tokyo, People Evacuated - Firefighters put out the blaze within the hour, and all 302 passengers and 17 crew members were evacuated. ABC News-May 26, 2016

An engine fire broke out on a Korean Air jet about to take off from a Tokyo airport Friday, and seven people ... Flight 2708 was headed to Seoul. Seoul-bound Korean Air flight evacuated at Tokyo's Haneda airport deutsche Welle-May 27, 2016

Korean Air plane catches fire on Haneda runway, Tokyo BBC News-May 26, 2016
Korean Air Avoids Devastating Plane Fire Before Takeoff [Updating] The Inquisitr-May 27, 2016

Passengers evacuate as fire hits Korean Air jet at Haned
The Japan News-May 27, 2016
Korean Air jet went 700 meters down runway after engine caught fire ...
International-The Japan Times-May 27, 2016
Thanks Windy. You work even with surgery. ha ha. Glad everyone was safe, as you had foreseen.

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