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Saying Goodbye to John McCain
I was at a hospital with friend. We both were discussing having some type of outpatient procedure there. She had just had it. After speaking for a few moments, she left. A relative of mine who is a clergyman was also there. My doctor examined me and we decided we could have the minor operation that day.
As I was waiting in the pre op room, John Mc Cain walked in. He looked like recent images taken of him, and walked with a bit of limp and a little bent to one side. He was shorter than I would have expected him to be by a couple inches. I was surprised to see him.
He was alone, We greeted each other and exchanged some pleasantries. He wish me luck. I got up to speak to him, it was important for me to do so. I told him I had voted for him, not always but often over the years. It was important for me to thank him for everything he had done for his country, especially right now. He accepted my words graciously and with humility and thanked me. As he turned and began to walk away I called back "wait" and ran over to him and gave him a big hug. I told him he was loved and I began to cry, He got teary-eyed as well. "Love" changed the feeling in the room. It swept between us, broke down any formal barriers and flowed and into the room. After a moment or so he left the room. I noticed my clergyman relative did as well. I heard muffled voices nextdoor and realized they were having a spiritual chat together.
I shortly woke up afterward.

John McCain has been my senator for nearly 25 years. I have never met him. Like the dream, I have often voted for him, but not always. I have a deep respect for him, his courage and his maverick personality. I have not liked all of his political choices over the years but I truly respect him. I believe he has been a shinning light over the years and especially now. I believe the goodbye, the shared expression of love and the discussion with a clergyman are all indications that McCain my be "going home" in the near future. I would also like to take note of the powerful feeling I felt while not just expressing my gratitude for McCain, but expressing my love for him. I truly felt the power and transformation of love.
When I awoke, I actually thought we might have met up with each other in dreamtime. Who knows?
I also checked immediately to make sure he had not passed away during the night.
I am not planning on having any surgery.

May John McCain feel loved and care for. May he feel God's grace.
I hope you don't need surgery either. Let us know if you hear anything in the news.
Nope. I don't need surgery.
I hope I wil lont either.
(07-31-2018, 08:22 AM)Cassandra Wrote: I hope you don't need surgery either. Let us know if you hear anything in the news.
So I saw this dream today of all days. I re-read it and it seems to have even more meaning today then a month ago when I had it.
The part about love has been prominent in his memorial/funeral services. Love of family and love of country.
It's about the love people.

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