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3/24/20 Military is Deployed and the Queen goes up in Smoke
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past info dreams using lucid ask theme

Seems like the bot is encouraging lucid dreaming to gain information about topics. Too bad I'm not a lucid dreamer.

queen means input attention

Queen Elizabeth news
Hahahaha! But true
Got some British royalty news today:

Prince Charles positive for coronavirus

This is actually a big deal, given their ages. If something were to happen to both of them, if both of them got sick and passed, Prince William would be king.
For the past couple years, I've felt Prince William sitting on the throne sooner than expected. Maybe this will be the reason.
Or they are part of the cabala who are apparently being given a choice of suicide or else be charged with their crimes against humanity. I'm thinking Charles and Momma Queen both 'check out' (pass away) from Corana
Eagle 1: got the Spirit chills reading your post.
I would think Prince Andrew would be higher on the list considering the Epstein connection.
Charles and Elizabeth still have some usefulness so they won't be going anywhere. Andrew is irrelevant. The one to watch is William. Why? I'm hearing he has some definite ideas of how things need to be, which is likely to run counter to those who want things the way they want them to be.
ThePaladin - Yep.
What I meant was Andrew should be higher on the Cabala list.

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