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Start of another war
Travelling home on a plane, multiple stopovers, on the final leg only an hour flight to get home (in Midwest U.S.). Dream companions and I were on a white, sandy beach on what looked like a lake.  Several corporate buildings were on my left, lake on the right.  The buildings were more wide than tall, probably under 5-6 stories in height. Everyone around me looked American, were Caucasian.  Two stretchers were wheeled past us heading towards the buildings.  Both patients, or casualties, were heavily bandaged and my sense was they were dead. Just as I was thinking that, one opened their eyes and seemed somewhat confused; appeared to be female.

A white man came from one of the buildings and was starting to explain that his company owned the complex, and he seemed very proud and enthused. He called it the 'Five Brands'. 

As we were enjoying the sunshine on the perfect weather clouds, pleasant temperatures...a missile suddenly shot out from one of the buildings ahead of us, heading over the lake. It was flying low, and exploded in the lake.  We were surprised, not alarmed, and thought it was a test of some sort.  Then suddenly, another missile shot out, heading towards us, flying low (less than 100' off ground) over our heads.  That one also exploded a bit beyond us, also seemed to have exploded in error, missing its ultimate destination. Now we were alarmed. Before we could even move, there was a large explosion across the lake.

The dreams shocked me and I woke up, thinking oh no, another war starting.

Searching for 'Five Brands' on the internet:
- there is POSCO, which seems to be climate change focused; perhaps in Korea?
- the company Five Brands is headquartered in Casablanca, Morocco
On April 27th or 28th I had a dream/vison of the words, "prepare for disaster". No instruction provided so until I do get more info, I prepare mentally. In the past I have had visions/dreams of living in a post global disaster world. So of course, I remember those dreams and wonder, okay is it time?

The next day I tried to get more info and saw just a snippet of a Chinese dragon.

The next night I asked for clarification about what, when, where. I only stated wanting more information with nothing specific in mind. Dream: I am standing in the parking lot of a grocery store/restaurant at night. I look up and see the moon has a blue light shining out the bottom of it. I zoom in and see it is a UFO with bluish light streaming out the bottom of the craft. My last thought was, so beautiful. End of dream.

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