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5/3/15 Red Alert: Filming Class + Barry Missing
May I ask you and NOT offend you, and you know this is not a test.....we don't know each other...

Do you have visions that come true? and so this is as huge as it sounds? My hunch is yes.

And, wow.

(05-04-2015, 02:12 PM)Shadewolf Wrote: Necklace parking garage, this brings me a flash of a lot of people hanging by their necks with jute ropes in a big garage/warehouse. That's not a good image in any scenario! The other image I get is alot of well dressed people with gilded necklaces tied to a wall in a large building, just waiting for a signal or active purpose. In this image the people may not actually be real people, I get the sense they are drone-like. Are those guilded necklaces actually power cords or data links? Maybe it's people sitting at computers in an office somewhere?

(05-03-2015, 06:13 PM)Nanny Wrote: Is "barry" "missing" the "reality test?" or is barry missing? Being "aged" could be an inference that the person is not very aware or not caring to see the "test."

Talk on other thread of the "yellow spheres" today and here's "yellow." But, any connection whatsoever?

Now we have "purple" and "yellow" which together, if yellow is golden-looking sounds just a tad like a royalty reference.

The DOWN words are telling a story. Noting how many words from very recent botrun are rearranged here, with other words added, so maybe! this is more of the same story and we best analyze/ponder them.
"Fat Farm" from that run now has "camp" which they often are camps, too. "necklace parking garage" are here oh! oh! and "filming" is with "class" at the top, while "film" is in the DOWN words with "camp fat farm" etc.

Is a "spirit figure hiding" and "filming" at camp? at least one metaphor is likely here, okay, this botrun is worthy of attention.

Almost forgot, so editing in...."program" a couple of days ago was "machine program" *(or is "program" a verb?, could it be both? so "program machine?" but today is "dead program" or "program dead?" I still think I got a hit on that other botrun and it being about El Paso and Isis, so "dead program" does not bide well IMO.  

Okay, "class won't go away so it's sorta screaming something. I hope this isn't referring to "re-education" camps but we've got a ton of support for the idea with J.Helm being huge and owning a majority of this Shemitah year. If the camps aren't coming then the collective sure suspects it likely? However, we have proof from even the 1970s of this type of class coming for millions, someday.

Well, "pregnant dead program" unlikely or not, could mean that something was fruitful with much promise and then the program was killed. Is your thought on this a hunch? Yours are so often on-target.

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