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I was a watcher, observing what was occurring but not being seen and unable to communicate with any of the dream participants. At that time the dream involved observing a family in financial distress sinking a vehicle in a pond so they could report the vehicle as stolen and claim insurance money.

As that dream progressed, a man carrying a bucket caught my attention. He was average height, about 5'8”-5'10”, stocky build but not fat. He was either Latino or very tanned. No feel for age beyond mid- to late forties. He wore a cowboy hat pulled low over his eyes and all I could see of his face was a thick dark mustache and a square jaw. He was dressed in a red plaid western-style shirt, the kind with the pearl snaps, well-worn jeans, and work boots. The bucket was an old metal bucket, fairly good-sized. I couldn't see what was in the bucket but he carried the bucket easily and I got a sense that he was very strong.

As the man drew nearer to where I stood, the dream with the financially-strapped family faded away and became an agricultural area. Farm fields. Flat land. Dirt road. A small town with a gas station/convenience store/mechanic shop, all located in a cinder-block building painted white. I couldn't see a name over the business but there were old signs advertising different beer and tobacco brands. There were several houses nearby, some old single-wide trailers, others small cinder-block buildings. A feel of heat and dust.

I watched as the man walked up to the gas station. He stopped at the edge of the property, put down the bucket, reached inside and pulled out a weird-looking bird. The head and wings were grackle and the legs and tail were roadrunner. It appeared to be two birds cobbled together instead of one bird hatched that way. It seemed stiff, as if stuffed, and it looked a little charred around the edges. He laid the bird-thing down on the ground on it's back, picked up his bucket, and kept walking. The bird thing rolled over, got to its feet, and began lurching towards the gas station. It didn't move quickly but it made steady progress. I watched until it entered the gas station. When nothing happened, I decided to follow the man and see what he was doing. I sort of floated along the ground to catch up with him.

By the time I caught up with him, I had seen three more buildings with the bird things on the move and he was in the process of placing another one outside a beat up trailer that had even more beat up pickups parked near the front door. As he laid the last bird thing on the ground, I wondered aloud what the heck he was doing.

Normally when I act as an observer in my dreamtime, no one sees or hears me. So I was beyond surprised when he straightened up, looked directly at me, and replied that it was a warning for people who needed to be warned. He then commenced on to his next destination, which seemed to be quite a distance away given the terrain went from flat fields to flat with trees and shrubs. I caught up to him and commented that he could see and hear me. He didn't respond. I asked what kind of warnings he was giving. He repeated his statement about they were warnings to people who needed to be warned. I said they looked like pretty creepy warnings. He didn't reply. I asked why these people needed to receive warnings. He said because they did. I asked why him, why was he judging these people and laying down a sentence for them. He stopped and looked at me. Even though I couldn't see his eyes, I knew he was really Looking at me. After a few seconds he said, Don't question what you don't understand, little girl. This is no concern of yours. Go home before I bring a warning to you.

I woke up disoriented. It felt like I had been dumped out of my own dreamtime. One of the creepier dreams I've experienced.

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