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Fox news reporters, Pope, Trump.
09.02.15 AM
Start of Dream:  I am in an apartment with 2 women. I am sitting on the sofa. They are in the kitchen arranging what looks like chocolate petite fours on a serving tray. The women are very happy like they are preparing for a celebration.  Then Shepard Smith, a Fox News anchor, walks into the room, puts his finger to his lips saying I want to surprise her. He is holding flowers and a gift.  He walks into the kitchen as the women are walking out.  Everyone is happy.

Then I find myself in a bathroom. I am wearing a nightgown and robe. I want to brush my teeth before bedtime. The door to the bathroom is open and Fox News reporter John Roberts walks by. He stops and stares at me. I told him I was finished if he needed the bathroom.  He stood there trying to read me, wondering why I am there.  He then says, would you like to have dinner tomorrow night with me? I say yes, that would be nice. 

I leave and go back to the apartment where Shepard Smith is. I tell him I met John Roberts and he asked me to dinner. Shepard laughed and said, you know he is married.  I tell him that it’s not a romantic dinner.  I asked Shepard Smith who else lived in the building and he said there were lots of reporters that lived in this building. End of Dream.

Wake Time Notes:  Even though I knew the names of these reporters I am not an avid news watcher.  I know who Shepard is because of watching Fox now and then.  I knew John Roberts face from seeing him report from war zones in the Middle East. I could not remember his name so I had to google search.

Prayers:  During prayer time this morning I saw 2 faces, Pope Francis & Donald Trump. Then I heard assassination attempt.

Update: I am at work 10:40am, trying to focus on my job. What I posted about assassination attempt popped into my mind and I saw what looked like a hotel ballroom.

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