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Trump is Shot
I am in a large crowd in a downtown area with skyscrapers all around. I see Trump entering a building and a shot from above is heard. I see Trump fall. The crowd goes into pandemonium and I am running. I come to a bridge but am afraid to cross. I look down and see beautiful blue water that has white sand on the bottom. I decide it is safer to swim and go down to the bank. As I am taking off my shoes, someone comes up to me and I ask them what is happening now. They reply that Trump is dead and that it happened because he picked his VP. I said why would that matter? I am told that the VP and Ryan would be the candidates now. I realize I have to cross now before it is too dangerous. At that point, a dolphin pops out of the water. I enter the water knowing I'm safe and it is OK to cross now.
Note: I am not a political person. Huh

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