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Prediction Corsica Yacht Dream
This dream has a predictive feel about it similar to ones I had about a couple of Canadian politicians before that were somewhat predictive so I'm posting it here.

I was in a new place of business where I was somehow involved but don’t know how. Anyway it covered several floors joined by a large wide white staircase. I was in an upper floor and somebody asked where the owner kept something and we looked a bit for it, then I left and went downstairs. There were people all down the stairway and they all seemed rather flustered. I walked down several floors looking at these people and when I got to the main floor I asked a young woman who had tears in her eyes what was going on. She said there had been a terrorist attack and a certain politician and a friend had been in a yacht in Corsica that had been destroyed and it didn’t look good. She was angry that this politician had gone there, wondering what they were doing there.

I'm a little worried about posting the name of the politician so I wrote it down in a private notebook but I'm not posting it online unless there is something that says to me that in someway this prediction turns out to be true. I'm really hoping it's more of a warning that there's an event related to Corsica that could metaphorically blow up this person's career.

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