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Psychiatric Ward Prison
In the beginning of this dream, I was excited to meet up with a guy I've been talking to online. We were both happy to meet and got along well and hopped into his car and took off to go on an adventure together. But the longer we drove, the younger we seemed to get until we were both kids again. We were hungry and needed a break from our road trip and we stopped by a big building thinking there was probably food in there.

When we walked in, there were people all around dressed in bright white shirts and pants. I realized right away that these were patients in a psychiatric ward. There were nurses tending to some of them wearing bright white scrubs. They had their names embroidered on the right hand pockets of their shirt in light blue. Billy Bob Thornton, of all people, was a nurse there. We made the mistake of asking where we where and he pushed us into a room with another person as if we were patients of his. We were confused at first and tried to tell him and a couple of other nurses that we weren't patients there, we just happened to stumble in looking for a place to eat, but it didn't matter because they wouldn't listen to us. We tried to convince them by pointing out that we weren't wearing the plain, white clothes that the patients were wearing, but they ignored us. The patients weren't much help either. They seemed really zoned out. Expressionless. Zombie-like. They wouldn't talk or react. They each seemed to have things they enjoyed doing. I watched a few guys color in a coloring book... but they wouldn't draw anything of their own. They didn't seem to have much personality or imagination, OR all of that had been stolen from them. I started to get really worried when the thought occurred to me that maybe it had been drained out of them. It then seemed very important that we leave as soon as possible.

I told the guy I was with that we had to leave right away. We snuck into a room where another patient was playing a video game. This room was darker than the other rooms that were bright and white. This guy was wearing a fading grey shirt that looked as if it had once been black. He noticed us enter the room but was so busy with his game he didn't say anything. There was a part of the wall that had a spinning, sphere shaped area in it. We went into that place and spun the sphere so that we were hidden inside peeping out though these vent holes. Billy Bob came in looking for us and asked the guy if he had seen us and the guy didn't even respond. Then we saw the Billy Bob nurse pick up this thing. It kinda resembled the sprayers that pest exterminators use to spray bug poison around... but digital. We then watched him talk to another nurse about "getting" some guy that had crossed him. We watched him just go into this guys house with no permission to do "tests". He ran the wand of his device against this guy's wall right against a picture he had hanging up. For some reason, this guy had no say over the tests being done or this guy being in his house. Billy Bob then looked at the body of his device and said that this guy's house was positive for "mold" and so the guy would have to go to the ward in Billy Bob's custody.

I knew that Billy Bob was full of it. I didn't know what the device was, exactly, but I had overheard him and the other nurse talking and laughing about it and the fact it didn't really determine whether or not there was mold in the house. The mold, though was a real thing, but a rare thing. It was sort of like black mold and they had claimed there was an epidemic of this stuff spreading. I never heard or saw any sort of attempts to stop the spread of it, it was used more as an excuse to take people and keep them prisoners of this ward.

After seeing all of this, I got really desperate to leave and grabbed the guys hand and made a mad dash out of the ward. Billy Bob saw us and chased us. The outside area was walled in and Billy Bob had told everyone to lock the place down since we were trying to book it out of there. The only way out was some docks behind the building. The sea was deep on one side of the docks and had lots of boats there. I thought the water would slow us down and be dangerous if they got into the boats and went over us. The other end of the docks were high off the ground. We would have to jump and hope our legs didn't break. The guy didn't want to jump but I told him we had to and that I didn't want to leave him there but I had to get out with or without him. I found a spot that had a little bit of water over the sand and jumped there and took off. The guy took off after me.

There were some white, egg-shaped buildings nearby. They looked like some sort of cheap housing product. People lived in them, but there was no furniture or belongings. It was empty and so clean you'd never guess it was a home. A little distance ahead there was a nice neighborhood, but I didn't think we would make it all the way there if we ran right away. I thought it was best to hide for a little while. So we went into one of the egg shaped houses. It was a bigger one with different sections. On the end was a section that looked like a large egg. When opened it looked like a half of an empty eggshell, closed it looked like an egg. We hid out in there and watched Billy Bob and the other nurses looking for us on foot and in vehicles. They didn't bother to look inside of the white buildings. I had to get on the guy who was with me, because he thought the egg building was so cool with its spinning open thing he couldn't leave it alone. I was worried the nurses would notice the spinning and find us. I got him to stop and devised a plan for getting back to the normal town. As soon as the coast was clear, we opened the egg house and ran as fast as we could back to the normal neighborhood.

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