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Ana Maria Rodriguez dream, 11.25.2020, 5:00 am
Been a long time since I've had a dream to post. This one is a walk-about dream so wanted to post.

Start of Dream:
I am walking inside a structure and a woman walks toward me. She is smiling at me and said, "I need to speak with you". I just stared at her, didn’t say anything, thinking to myself, "I don’t think I’m supposed to talk with her". She said, "my name is Ana Maria. Have you seen my two sons, my little boys"? I said, "I don’t think I’m supposed to talk with you". She said, "It's okay, my name is Ana Maria Rodriguez. I need you to find my two boys, talk to them and tell them I am fine, please find them".

I walk away from her and walk through large glass doors and look to my right. I see an adult woman, adult man and two boys. The woman looks worried/sad. I immediately know this is Ana Maria’s family. I tell them I just spoke with Ana Maria and she is doing well. The woman pulls out a picture and asks, is this the woman you spoke with? I said, sorry I need my glasses to see it clearly. Someone said, I’ll get some glasses for you, be right back.
End of Dream.

Afterthoughts: I don't know anyone named Ana Maria Rodriguez. I googled the obituaries and find nothing. Then I see a Ana Maria Rodriguez, a State Senator in Florida. When I open her website, I see it's the woman from my dream and yep she has two small boys + a husband. I don't know anyone from Florida and don't know her either. So I prayed for her wellbeing and for her families wellbeing. I'm asking for anyone that does prayer work to put her and her family on their list. Thank you.

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