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12/18/14 Wild August
If I had to use one word to describe today’s run, it would be “Stagnant.” In other words, there isn’t a lot of movement anywhere one way or the other. There are exceptions, though and those are the 6 words at the top. One word that doesn’t belong there at all is August. Although it’s not an all-time high, this might suggest that the collective sees something for next August, including a “Wild August.”

Underneath the caution area resides what I consider to be “noise level” changes, but that whole meme there seems to be talking about some rich blonde girl who has an expensive wedding. In the loser section “Want Wars Welcome” is certainly disturbing, but how do we take that? The fact that this phrase is losing momentum might suggest that humanity is poised for peace! That’s something that excites me, but again this section is new, and we don’t yet know concretely how to interpret those results. So, we’ll wait and see.


UP: transport individual blown native august wild around expensive wed little imagination sweet miss blonde excited house liquid  highway obsessed gap paying session hospital ghost english mail kill trailer place spinning miss short road 

star portal bloody glad image taking interpretation breathing day awesome drag days ever stairway dawn disturbing comments want wars welcome

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