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1/12/15 Expect an April Jet story...
Look out for APRIL! April and Jet both look rather impressive today, but is April a name or a month? My first impression was the latter, and so I’m wondering what kind of jet headlines will be experienced in April 2015. Just know that seeing April this far out without any sort of incubation protocol would mean much bigger than normal event. Just note that there is little support for either of these words in our run today, which eliminates them from Red Alert status. This certainly won’t keep us from watching April like a hawk.

Further down is another name, DAVID, or is it Camp David? This David is either a name or a place, and its surge score is probably well above the typical day residue area. In the biggest loser section, we see Ship and Boat with strikingly similar movements, which makes yesterday’s Noah Ark run that much more significant.

By the way, I think I found our Lucky Orange: , which would be the Lucky Agent that shows up periodically. If this is accurate (that the bot is counting the html code for lucky orange), then the perplexing aspect to this is why is it so variable? It shouldn’t be.


DOWN Words:   unknown children song yeah medicine action cute january ship boat cards events flood 2014 arcade hours cream ice animals gab days wrapping alt notified remove

UP Words:     april jet repeated agent flat gate stone nap growing cave one currently press asking moment david orange stick powered following fancy lucky were tattoo beside type sun message up toilet square say help

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