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3/30/15 RED ALERT: CREEPing Combat Air Forces
(03-30-2015, 06:56 PM)Eagle1 Wrote: Nanny: "You need help on previous red alerts because you intuit that they work with today's Red Alert?"

Sort of. I was thinking that the last 4 red alerts (including this one) are all a part of the same IMPORTANT MESSAGE (i.e., the lingo in one of those runs). For the first time, I sense that at least part of these all mesh into a bigger meme, and they might all be closely intertwined. Just need someone to say yeah or nay on that idea.

Yeah, I sensed that, too, but my head isn't in a posting frame of mind right now.... or should I say, worse than normal.... Just had multiple tooth extractions and have a cold so fairly drugged. *L*

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