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martial law,cyborg cops,leo
I asked for timing on what is coming.
i heard "in leo" and I saw this scene:
people shopping in a mall.  cops in full black armor walking around everywhere with big black guns ready to shoot.  there was a specialty store for keys and keychains.  I saw a special keychain that could act as a door lock and hide keys inside.  I saw a commotion.  a man walking towards the key store with a cop a little ways behind him.  the man walked to a woman and cornered her at the cashiers desk.  she looked afraid.  the man said "that cop behind me just arrested a woman because she refused to drop her pants and remove her [feminine hygiene product].  he was able to see something inside her and she denied it.  he cuffed her and removed it himself."  the woman told the man she didn't have any.  the cop approached the store. he looked directly at every person in the store and scanned them with his eyes.  apparently he saw nothing because he kept walking.bodyscan
everything was very current. like wht i would expect to see if i went to the mall today - except for the swat looking cops everywhere. i didn't see any indication of time other than daylight. there was a target store. the man was walking from a target store to the key store.

crazy similarities. keys, robot cops, body scanning...

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