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4/28/15 Volcano
Do we have some mega day residue? I think so. Well, actually I hope so.

So, the reason I’m concerned about this VOLCANO surge is because Yellowstone “Just got scary large…”


MOONS DRUNK. Why are there more than just one moon? It almost sounds like some other planet’s moons are going to collide or something. Of course, this mini-linguistics could also be more day residue! Check this out:


The curse word is back, and is there any surprise? The world is falling apart again, but the US Markets for seem reason are just completely oblivious to the chaos. What a joke, people!  

Finally, there are a couple of phrases I annotated in the biggest loser section. Hope I didn’t screw anything up this time! Smile

[Image: 20150428%20volcano.jpg]

UP Words:     volcano moons drunk dome class view dream up thunderstorm bodies sunset snow fucking dreamer were lucid miss private than completed profile there congrats had around entries approximate forum extremely mon message papers unlike
DOWN Words:   broken theater mirror energy land pregnant sad prayer surgery blood gun invited father wed shadow cold slightly writing accidentally save college yeah cute sex fish nope perhaps daughter song war focus summary fri shuffle march
Ummm, you know......... now that VOLCANO is present, DOME which has been hanging around for days makes sense. Unfortunately. I don't think it is residue. I guess I am going to need to go back and look at the "dome" and see what else stares at me.
Also, words like "bodies" and "snow" are likely Avalanche residue.
Any doubt now as to why F!@#$ing has been so prominent in the bot runs lately?
Good grief! LOL good catch Eagle1! I want to peek that network to actually see this in airing.
Did anyone see videos of Japan rising 40 ft as Nepal shook?
Gaia is on the move!
I had a dream sequence nearly a year ago or so- Proj Dallas (?)- geeez only a year off eh?
There were a series of volcanic rumblings in the Cascades as a result of Yellowstone pressure release. Starting is the Dalles/ Mt Hood area. Seems George Ure dreams these things too.
This has been going on for a few days, but hasn't made it to major media that I've seen yet. If the lava lake overflows, there will probably be a lot of news about the kilauea volcano, especially if it has a lot of "fireworks". Sounds like it would have now real impact.

On the other hand, with Baltimore, there is a lot of talk of violence "erupting". Volcano -> erupting? Metaphor for more violence?
Wow. The caverns below Yellowstone are gargantuan. New discoveries about the massive magma chambers below the geysers:
Twice was right. Yet another Volcano; this on in Indonesia:
Continues on 4/30 This time off the West Coast of USA:
Full Moon May 4

volcano moons drunk dome class view
Volcano Drunk might mean that all this volcanic activity actually subsides at the full moon. What do you think?
Volcano closes 5 Indonesian airports, flights between Australia and Bali canceled until…
The Colima volcano erupted in Mexico again.

2 volcanos are on watch/warning today.
Venezuela is now issuing a Tsunami in case the Kick-em- Jenny volcano erupts of Grenada's coast.
This is an underwater volcano that is capable of producing a tsunami.

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